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Sparkling Water Flavors You’ve Gotta Try

I’m a wee bit obsessed with sparkling water (or, as my friend Sarah got me calling it a few years ago, “sparky water” — go ahead and try it out. It’s fun!). It’s not that staying hydrated is any problem for me — if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s drinking lots of water all day long. But sometimes, a girl needs something a little more interesting to sip on in the hours between the morning coffee hours and the time when it becomes acceptable to pour a glass of wine. And then? Sparkling (or sparky!) water from brands like LaCroix, Dry and hint is where it’s at.
Now, while I love traditional flavors like lemon and lime, there are so many interesting flavors out there that it’s a complete shame to narrow your choices to only the ones with which you’re already familiar. Branch out! Try something new!
Like lavender-flavored sparkling water. Or cucumber. Or coconut! Yes, really.
Here are a few unusual sparkling water flavors you can find me sipping on right now!
dry sparkling
Dry Sparkling: This brand is my latest discovery and I find it really, really exciting. I mean, they have flavors I never even thought to dream of, like the aforementioned Lavender, but also Ranier Cherry, Blood Orange, Cucumber, Juniper Berry and more. One of the flavors that really took me by surprise (in the best possible way) was Rhubarb. I mean, I love rhubarb … alongside strawberry, in pie, but as a sparkling beverage? Turns out it’s crisp, slightly sweet and so tasty … either with or without vodka. (If you’re interesting in a little sparkling water mixology, be sure to check out their suggestions — their L&L sounds pretty much perfect to me!)
lacroix water
LaCroix: LaCroix has been the go-to in our house for a long, long time. There’s a huge variety of flavors at the Publix down the road, and they run pretty frequent BOGO sales, which I find to be a great incentive to try new flavors. That’s how I discovered Peach Pear. It’s a little more of an acquired taste than some of the other flavors (in fact, my husband still doesn’t love it) — the pear really cuts through the sweetness of the peach — but I can’t seem to get enough of it!
hint fizz
hint fizz: This isn’t the first time I’ve gushed about hint fizz, and I doubt it’ll be the last, but that’s for a good reason. It’s really, really, really good! Blackberry is still my fave — no changes there, although I also dig the Grapefruit flavor — but I couldn’t in good conscience have a sparkling round up without including it.
Had an interesting sparkling water flavor lately? Which flavor would you like to see? The possibilities are kind of limitless. Kristen

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