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TRX Superset Workout

I do a lot of circuits and supersets when I plan home workouts. That’s partly because I really enjoy them, partly because they’re not terribly difficult to plan, and partly because it’s easy to do a circuit or superset workout with a partner, and my husband often gets in on my home workouts. And I don’t blame him — they’re fun!

This latest one was inspired by a few moves I’ve done recently at a local gym, Def Fit — in the morning class I’ve been hitting, we do a lot of supersets using all kinds of fun toys (smart muscle boards, battle ropes, boxes, and, of course, the TRX), so I took a few of my faves from there and created my own workout at home.

TRX Superset Workout

Go back and forth within each superset for four minutes. There’s no limit on how many times you do each exercise, so don’t be afraid to hustle! Rest one or two minutes, then move on to the next superset. Each superset includes one move using the TRX and one without, so if you’re working out with a partner, you can swap back and forth.

1: TRX mountain climbers (30 total, feet in handles) + rotating side plank on floor (10 each side)

2: TRX high row (10) + single leg bridges (10 each leg)

3: TRX chest press (10) + single arm biceps curls (10 each arm)

4: TRX pike crunch (5-10) + skull crushers (10 each arm)

5: TRX kneeling roll out (10) + squats (20)

(Don’t have a TRX? Do mountain climbers on the floor, high rows and chest press with dumbbells, pike crunches like this, and kneeling roll outs with a ball or barbell.)

What are your favorite moves to work into a superset? Mostly, I just try to avoid having too much set up involved so that I can make the most of my four minutes! —Kristen

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  1. Melissa says:

    I do a lot of circuit training and love TRX workouts, so will definitely be trying this. Thanks, ladies.

  2. Xtremeno says:

    The TRX can be the perfect workout companion for someone with little space or limited equipment. Although it can’t do everything, suspension training is a great way to add variety to a stale routine. I’ll definitely trying these above mentioned exercises and improvise to find the routine that works for me!

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