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And the 2016 Noshies Winners Are …

2016 Fitties: Tips, Trends and More

Best pro-chef tip: How to crack an egg one-handed. No, seriously guys. You can do this (and your friends will all be wicked impressed!).
Best update to a food trend: Smoothie bowls. Smoothie too thick to sip, or just want something that feels a little less like a beverage? This is the trend to hop on!
Best way to eat a piece of chocolate: 5-minute chocolate meditation. Game. Changer.
The best healthy eating advice ever: Keep guilt off your table. Culinary goodies don’t pair well with guilt. At ALL. Here’s how we approach the food on our plates.
Best pet treat hack: Homemade pill pockets. Pup-approved (and it could save you some serious moolah!).
Best glassware for drinking beer by the pool: Pubware. Don’t want glass on the pool deck but hate drinking out of crappy disposable cups? Not a problem.
Best new kitchen must-have: Original spaghetti scrub. All the cleaning power of a sponge in a quick-dry package. Brilliant. 
Best insect product: EXO bar. You want a new, exciting source of protein, and we’re all too happy to oblige. Bon apetit!
Best guest post: Beer and Food Pairing Basics. There’s FAR more to enjoying food and beer together than deciding whether pizza or pretzels are better with your light lager. Get the full, fermented scoop!
Best new food documentary: Chef’s Table. You’ll never see food the same way again. And that’s a good thing.
Best pairing you never thought to try: Fried chicken and champagne. Don’t knock it ’til you try it! And remember, not every feast has to include four courses and candlelight in order to be memorable.
Man, it’s been a good year for eating well, hasn’t it? —Kristen

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