Seeking Better Sleep? Tips and Products to Try

tips for better sleep

Not much beats a good night’s sleep … and there’s little worse than going without it for a few nights in a row. I’m usually a pretty decent sleeper, if I may brag a bit, but every so often I find it impossible to be asleep all night and usually find myself tossing and turning (or giving up and reading) between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. It’s usually related to stress or anxiety of some sort, so, in my case, I know it’ll pass, so it’s fairly bearable … even if I’m basically worthless for a day or two.

I can’t even fathom how those who deal with insomnia on a regular basis function.

Now, there might not be a cure that works for every single sleepless person out there, I do have a few tips for better sleep that those of you suffering from sleeplessness might want to check out.

How to Sleep Better

1. Try the right workout. Strenuous exercise close to bedtime just wakes me up, but there are workouts that are geared toward helping you sleep. Give these six Pilates moves for sleep a try!

2. Cut the light and sound. I have curtains that block the light pretty well and limit any sort of electronic light in my room. (I do have a digital clock, but that’s really it.) If you can’t keep the light out, try a sleep mask. And if you don’t have a white noise app on your phone, download one immediately if not sooner. It’s an easy (and free!) way to drown out any distracting noises while you’re trying to drift off.

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And don’t be shy — share your super sleep tips in the comments below. —Kristen

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