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Sweat It Out With Sara Haley Challenge: Day 2

Yesterday we announced that we were doing an awesome 7-day challenge with Sara Haley, complete with your Day 1 workout. (In case you missed it, the challenge is free, sweaty and totally fun!) And today, Sara is giving us your Day 2 Sweat It Out With Sara Haley workout!


  • Most of the exercises are body weight only, however, you will need free weights for a few of them. I suggest 8 to 12 pounds, depending on the exercise.
  • You do each exercise for 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds and then repeat. That means you are doing each exercise twice. On Day 1, you begin with four exercises because the first two are warm up exercises. Each day after, two exercises are added, one with a cardio element and the other conditioning. This means that on Day 1 you will be working out for 6 minutes and by Day 7, your workout will be 30 minutes. If my math seems off it’s because on Day 3 you have an exercise that needs to be done on both legs individually. I’ve included descriptions and pictures for each exercise, as well as modifications (M) for a few of them. Please use these if you are pregnant, injured or the exercise doesn’t feel quite right to you.
  • You can do this challenge on its own or you can do it in addition to your other workouts.

Day 2 of the Sweat It Out With Sara Haley Challenge

Remember to begin with the four exercises (the first two are for a warm-up) from yesterday (see them here in detail):

  • Roll Down ’N Lunge
  • Roll Down ’N Press
  • In-Out Squats
  • Squat-Pulse-Reach

And here are the two you’re adding on. Today we add in more cardio and back work!

Hacky-Sack Runs: This exercise is great for the hips and will feel amazing after all the squatting you just did.


It’s just like a jog in place, but you’re going to turn out from the hips and lift the leg up in front of you, as you simultaneously reach the opposite arm for the heel of the foot. Begin slow and gradually pick up pace. If you’ve ever seen anyone “hacky sack,” this resembles it. If you don’t know what hacky-sacking is, congrats on being younger than I am and YouTube it. Repeat for 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds and repeat.

Rock ’N Row: This is a fun one that even hits the core.




With weights in hands begin in a plank position (Pic 1). I suggest you spread your feet apart wider than normal for more stability. Engaging your core (pull navel to spine), rock yourself forward so your shoulders are in front of your hands (Pic 2). This will challenge your core, so squeeze your abs and butt tight. Rock yourself back so your shoulders are lined up with your hands. Row one arm back towards your rib cage (Pic 3). Return. Row the other arm back. Return. Repeat the series for 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds and repeat.

(M): Do the full plank, but if you are struggling to keep hips still on the rows, put your knees on the ground, and then lift back up into full plank for the rock.

How sweaty did that get you, guys? Come back tomorrow for Day 3 of the Sweat It Out Challenge! If you like this one, consider signing up for more of my free challenges here.Sara Haley

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