Sweat It Out With Sara Haley Challenge: Day 6

You’re in the homestretch now of the free Sweat It Out With Sara Haley Challenge! It’s Day 6 and things are about to get even sweatier. So grab your water, a towel and some determination, and let’s get to it.


  • Most of the exercises are body weight only, however, you will need free weights for a few of them. I suggest 8 to 12 pounds, depending on the exercise.
  • You do each exercise for 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds and then repeat. That means you are doing each exercise twice. On Day 1, you begin with four exercises because the first two are warm-up exercises. Each day after, two exercises are added, one with a cardio element and the other conditioning. This means that on Day 1 you will be working out for 6 minutes and by Day 7, your workout will be 30 minutes. If my math seems off it’s because on Day 3 you have an exercise that needs to be done on both legs individually. I’ve included descriptions and pictures for each exercise, as well as modifications (M) for a few of them. Please use these if you are pregnant, injured or the exercise doesn’t feel quite right to you.
  • You can do this challenge on its own or you can do it in addition to your other workouts.

Day 6 of the Sweat It Out With Sara Haley Challenge

Remember to begin with all the previous moves from this week first (see them herehereherehere and here in detail):

  • Roll Down ’N Lunge (for a warm-up)
  • Roll Down ’N Press  (for a warm-up)
  • In-Out Squats
  • Squat-Pulse-Reach
  • Hacky-Sack Runs
  • Rock ‘N Row
  • Curtsey Down
  • Curtsey Up
  • In-Out Burpees
  • Push-Up Switch
  • Lunge Low
  • Lunge High

You’ll get some more cardio in today, but with a lot of focus on sculpting and strengthening the shoulders.

Plank Runs: These are also known as mountain climbers.


Begin in a plank with your core engaged — this means your shoulders are pressed away from your ears, you’re pulling your navel to your spine and your tail bone is in a neutral position (so your butt isn’t lifted up). Bring one knee toward your chest with little to no movement in the upper body. Repeat for 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds and repeat.

(M): If you’re pregnant, my suggestion is elevating this exercise so your hands are on a chair.

Balancing Press: Time to work those beautiful shoulders of yours!


With free weights in both hands, curl them up to your shoulders. Lift one knee up to balance on one leg. Press the opposite arm up towards the ceiling. Stay balanced as you press the same arm up and down for the full 30 seconds. On your second round of this exercise, switch arms and legs. You’re working your shoulders, biceps and core.

(M): If you can’t find your balance keep, both feet on the floor and just press one arm up. If it’s too much on the shoulder, either go down in weight or alternate arms as you balance on one leg.

Can you believe you have just tomorrow left? You’re such rockstars for doing this. Keep sharing with me and the FBGs on social (@FitBottomedGirl and @SaraHaleyFit) how you’re feeling stronger!  —Sara Haley


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