Tuesday Giveaway: A New Pair of Brooks Running Shoes — Your Choice!

Need a new pair of running shoes? And not just any running shoes but your choice of Brooks Running’s newest styles that we adore? Yeah, that sounds pretty awesome, right? And that’s exactly what we’re doing for today’s FBG Birthday giveaway!

Click to see a larger version!

We’ve been an affiliate of Brooks Running and a blog ambassador for years now, and with good reason: no one does running like Brooks. They are the best. The bestest. The most bestest ever. They’re so the best that we can’t even use proper grammar to describe them. So being able to give away a pair of their shoes to one lucky U.S. reader — who even gets to pick the shoes that work best for her feet and goals — just fills our Brooks Running-loving heart with joy.

How to Enter to Win a Pair of Brooks Running Shoes

We’re going to make this one simple, y’all. Just leave a comment (U.S. only, please) with what shoe from the above graphic you’d like to win. If you want a second entry for another chance to win, feel free to share this post on your social media accounts and leave the link to your update in another comment. We’ll pick a lucky reader in about a week and contact him/her via email and in the comments.

Today it’s running shoes; yesterday it was a bike. What giveaway will tomorrow bring? Stay tuned to all of the special birthday content here!Jenn


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  1. I love Brooks shoes and have been wearing them for 20 years. My favorite style is the Pure Cadence because it’s minimal without sacrificing too much support and cushion.

  2. I’d pick the Transcend 3 because I took the Brooks test and that’s what it says I should have. Thanks FBG!

  3. Oh my goodness Brooks running shoes are my favorite! I would pick the Launch 3 in the teal/grey color!

  4. I really need a new pair of running shoes – mine are falling apart! I really like the Launch 3!

  5. Ravenna 7!! I used to run with the Brooks Adrenaline for years. I think this is the closest match.

  6. I have recently been having trouble with my feet hurting and my Chiropractor recommended Brooks……I would LOVE to try these!!!!!

  7. Launch 3 are great! I love brooks since they make my feet so happy during half marathons. and I really need a new pair of shoes. Thank you for the chance to win these!

  8. I’ve been wearing Brooks for 3 out of 4 of my running years. Mine are’t shown but I’d like to try the Pure Cadence.

  9. Brooks shoes are my goto, favorite brand of shoes. I have only good experiences with them so this giveaway makes me so happy : ) I would choose the Launch 3s! Thanks!

  10. I would love to win a pair of the PureCadence 5. I just had work done on my feet so it would be nice to start back to running with these. The Brooks running test said these would be the best for me.

  11. I would love the pure flow in green and yellow! I’ve never owned a pair of their shoes, but have heard great things about them!!

  12. the Launch 3 look like the most comfortable versatile shoe! I could go from running into a weight lifting easy or a cardio cross training class!

  13. It’s Ravenna’s all the way for me! Size 8.5 in the white/grey. Sharing now although I don’t want anyone else to win, lol! 🙂 @iamthelash

  14. Absolutely love Brooks, my Glycerin 12’s are getting ready for their 4th marathon so about due for a replacement…and since you are giving them away, I’d be very happy to try those Neuro’s in blue 🙂

  15. Pure Cadence 5!! I am somewhat new to the Brooks shoe family. I love the comfort and adaptation for my joints. I have had several broken bones in my sport life. 😉

  16. I absolutely love love love Brooks shoes , I really like the Pure cadence in the bright blue. They remind me of my current pair of Brooks, which are in dire need of replacement, and due to financial obligations like rent etc I don’t have the extra funds to invest in a new pair, so winning a new pair would be totally awesome.

  17. I love the Brooks shoes, especially after an Achilles injury. My favorite style is the Pure Flow. Thanks for great shoes!

  18. Pure cadence has always been my favorite shoes, even when I was selling them at a local Dicks Sporting Goods!

  19. ravenna 7 and size 8.5. I moved from Nike to Asics over the last two years but have never tried Brooks.

  20. I would LOVE to win the Pure Cadence! It’s not too cushioned to the point where I’m sinking in the shoe and feel like I’m running in sand. The flexility of the shoe will help give me more spring in my step and help me to increase my speed.

  21. Have worn Brooks Transcends since the original launch. Love them. Ready to win the Transcend 3! Happy Birthday!

  22. The NEURO style is my choice, after doing the Brooks online test. My favorite running store in town sells mainly Brooks running shoes. So I have been buying Brooks shoe for many years! Just love their responsiveness!

  23. I’ve been wearing Brooks for over 10 years and have always loved them. I think my feet would run happy in pair of Ravenna 7’s!

  24. Just got a pair of Launch 3’s! My first Brooks running shoe after switching from Asics. Love them!

  25. I would love a new pair of Ravennas! Mine are falling apart because I wear them so much – oops! They are great for supporting my weak ankles, and I get compliments on the fun, bright colors all the time.

  26. Would love to try the Launch 3! I am an NCAA D1 XC/Track athlete at Lehigh University. I am always looking to try new sneaker models when available (and when I can afford it) to see what works best for me and my heavy training/running/lifting/swimming/yoga schedule! I love my Brooks spikes, but have never tried their sneakers! I would love a chance to! ❤️

  27. I really want the PureCadence 5. I currently have the PureCadence 3s and I just started running again, so I would LOVE a new pair.

  28. I would love to give the Transcend 3 a try. I’ve got chronic knee and back problems that require a good cushion to run on.

  29. Please start making you contests for North America. I’m in Canada and check this blog daily … I feel left out 🙁 lol

  30. Brooks Ravenna 7’s! I have run in Ravennas for years through several marathons and chasing after two kids. These shoes fit like a dream!

  31. PureCadence 5 is the best natch for me according to the Brooks site.. I’m dying for some new running shoes. It’s been almost 3 years, and having a baby this year put my financial priorities elsewhere. This would be such an amazing help, I hear great things about Brooks 🙂

  32. I love the Brooks Adrenaline. I’ve been wearing them for 6 years. I think the Ravenna 7 are the closest to the Adrenaline, but the PureFlow 5 are pretty cool looking!

  33. I need a pair of the Brooks Launch in my life! I actually tried them on at my local Academy the other day and I automatically loved them. Isn’t that how a girl is supposed to feel about shoes? 😉

  34. The Brooks’ Neuro in Pink and Black looks amazing! My goal is to run faster than ever before!!

    Thank you for the chance to win these beautiful shoes!!

  35. I currently run in the Launch 3, I have been running for more than 40 years. I do love the “Run Happy” theme and have a couple of the hats from Brooks, and recently ran the Rock n Roll half in New Orleans in my Launch 3, not as fast as I use to be. Though I still enjoy the run, it is about the journey, not always about the destination. I will say I started in some poor shoes and have tried a number of brands and styles in the years. For the money, function, fit, and purpose Brooks make a quality product for the runner. Some companies have lost site of that, and it is more about fashion than function.

  36. I’d love to get a pair of the Launch 3! My co-worker swears by Brooks running shoes!!

  37. I like the PureCadence 5 since I took Brooks Shoe Finder and that’s what was recommended for me.

  38. Would love to try the PureFlow 5! I can just imagine how comfortable they would be on my feet! 🙂

  39. PureCadence 5, but only because the PureGrit4 isn’t in the pic. I’m a trail runner and hiker, this would be great to win.

  40. The Pure Cadence shoes are just what I need to run my absolute best– some comfort, but also built for speed!

  41. yo the pureflow AND the pure cadence have me droooling.

    may just have to buy them either way!

  42. Brooks are the best!!! I’d love to win a pair of the Ravennas! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂 #RunHappy

  43. PuRe CaDeNcE 5

    Love Brooks for running long distance. Wore Pure Connects for my 1st half marathon. Looking to challenge myself to another half in November.

  44. Revenna my favorites!!! I just finished another 5k snd could use some new treads for the next 5k!

  45. Transcend for sure. Just picked up a pair of the Launch3. This would complete my summer running shoe “wardrobe “

  46. Four generations of Ghost and still the best and the to go shoe to take me the distance whether it us training or a race!

  47. I love Brooks Pureflows AND Brooks Pure Cadence. They both are minimal but supportive at the same time. I rotate between the two.

  48. I have always worn the addiction, I would love to try the transcend! I love brooks!!!!!!!!!!

  49. I would like to try the Pure Flow. I have many friends that rave about the Brooks running shoes, now I need to find out what they are talking about.

  50. Transcend 3. I’ve heard great things about these shoes, but can’t afford a pair just yet.

  51. I’m a Brook’s Girl hands down the best shoes for my feet. My very first pairs of real running shoes were the a Glycerin 11’s and from then on I’ve been hooked. My current loves are the Pure Cadence from the Pure Project series so if I would be lucky enough to be chosen I’d go for the Pure Cadence 5’s!

  52. Oh man, I would love a pair of Brooks Launch 3s! That black pair with the bluish-mint sole looks flyyyyyyyy.

  53. I would love to get a pair of the Neuro shoes. I am starting running for the first time…ever.

  54. I’d love to try out the Pure Flow model! I know several people who have and love them! I’m always leery about trying new shoes, but a giveaway…I’m down with that! 🙂

  55. I would love to win the Launch 3! They look like a nice lightweight shoe for walking and running.

  56. I’m a loyal Brooks Ravenna runner, but I think it’s time to turn my workouts up a notch… Neuro anyone? 🙂

  57. The pureflow 5 would be a great replacement for the running shoes i currently have…. my sneakers from high school track. 11. Years. Ago.

  58. I would love the Cushion Me Transcend 3! I am always looking for more support for my road runs!

  59. What a great giveaway! I have been a devoted Brooks shoe lover for years!! I’d like the Ravenna 7 from the choices above!

  60. Oooh! I’ve never had Brooks running shoes, but the Transcend 3 look super comfy!

  61. I have been wearing the Ghost for years and recently switched it up with the Ravenna. Would love to score a new pair!

  62. Transcend 3 looks perfect to me, a newby in fitness. I’m in desperate need of the right running shoes.

  63. Decisions – about to have my 3rd surgery after a fractured femur… need some new shoes for recovery…pure cadence or Ravenna

  64. The lucky winner is … Tara Beck — #70!!!

    Congrats, Tara! Emailing you now. Thanks to everyone who entered and to Brooks Running!!!

    —FBG Jenn