Wednesday Giveaway: 8 Feel-Good Book Prize Packs

giveaway-booksOn Monday we announced that we were giving away a bike, on Tuesday it was a pair of Brooks Running shoes, and today we want to wish you a happy hump day with six-book prize packs that’ll help you to feel good inside and out! And the best part? EIGHT of you are going to win them! (Yes, eight … there is a theme here, hehe.)

Here’s exactly what’s up for grabs:

How to Enter to Win the Feel-Good Book Prize Packs

Today, we shared what eight posts were read the most on FBG this year. But, we want to know: What is YOUR favorite post of all time on FBG? Leave the title of the post (or the gist of it or its link) in a comment, and we’ll select eight random U.S. readers to win in about a week. Winners will be notified in the comments and directly via email — so check those inboxes!

Want a second entry? Tell us what book you’re most excited to read of the prize pack in another comment! (And, no, if you pick our book you’re not technically more likely to win, although it certainly wouldn’t hurt your FBG karma, haha!) —Jenn


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  1. I love the sarah haley posts (also how I heard about this site)! I am excited about the FBG book and the quitting sugar book! !

  2. I loved the Wake up Willpower…I so needed to read that and get motivated again! Love this site!!!

  3. I’m newer to FBG, to date my favorite post is the May 11th, How to fall in love with exercise, I’m thinking I will be purchasing the book Masterin8your mean girl by Melissa Ambrosini. I definitely need the push as of late.

  4. My favorite article on FBG was about the different types of people in yoga classes because it rings so true and it was fun to see which one I was, while realizing that each person approaches yoga differently.

  5. I am also most excited to read Wellth by Jason Wachob! It sounds like a book I could definitely use at this point in my life

  6. my favorite article (besides all the Fittie awards) was actually about re-evaluating your workout. I had hit a plateau and even though I had enjoyed alot of the things I was doing I wasn’t seeing any change and that helped me look at my workouts and think about what could be done differently and add and inspired me to try some new things!

  7. I really enjoyed One Song Workouts and The Best Workout Songs of 2015. Music is my energy source for workouts 🙂

  8. I was actually extremely enjoying the Power Yoga for Beginners Workout that is Just for You because while I do have experience in Yoga, it’s been quite some time and I’ve been doing a lot of heavy strength training so I’m not nearly as flexible as I once was so this video can actually help me to get back into the routine of a yoga practice a couple times each week.

  9. I’m actually most excited about the book “Wellth” I plan on purchasing it if I don’t win this prize pack as was actually talking about it to my husband earlier today. MBG is another site that I follow religiously in pursuit of bettering myself from the inside out.

  10. I loved the 2 part series a few months ago on 3 steps to breaking sugar addiction. I am addicted to sugar for sure so I found this extremely helpful!

  11. My favorite article was J Law’s 5 Tips to Wake Up Your Willpower. TIP #3 Be Subtle with changing I can’t to I don’t has had such a big impact on my way of viewing diet and exercise.

  12. I’ve already read your book which was awesome!! I’m really excited to read Wellth. I’ve been hearing alot about it.

  13. My absolute FAV post on FBG is “This Is Your Body on Meditation (and It’s Incredible)” – this is the post that inspired my decision to start meditating!

  14. Annnnd I’m most stoked about WELLTH; I’ve been reading tons of praise about that book!

  15. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I loved the post on 13 circuit training workouts that get results.

  16. I was quickly attracted to the title “Want to Sleep Better? Tips and Products Worth a Try”. I had just recently started wearing a fitness tracker, and although I knew I wasn’t sleeping great, the numbers were a little shocking! Since reading the article, I’ve gone back to good old fashioned book reading before bed instead of staring at my tablet or phone. Unplugging a little earlier in the evening seems to be helping me get to bed a little earlier.

  17. I’ve always enjoyed the best workout song competitions. They’re a lot of fun and I’ve both found new songs and been reminded of old ones.

  18. self-loving reasons to get fit; your body is a temple, so why not treat it like one!
    “Gosh darn it, you deserve to be happy and healthy.”

  19. I love the running lies post. People are shocked when I tell them gain weight during marathon training

  20. Oh, and although I really like you people and would love to read your book, my family lives on the skinnytaste meals (and shhhh, they don’t know)

  21. My Favorite post was about Mrs. Ernestine shepherd the 70 plus body builder. She is such an inspiration!

  22. I’m fairly new to Fit Bottomed Girls, but my favorite quote so far is for me to embrace this glorious mess that I am! 🙂

  23. I love the motivational posts!! So much of my fit lifestyle depends on my mind, first and foremost. The one I remember reading recently was “J Law’s Trainer Shares 5 Ways to Wake Up your Willpower.” I love J Law, and seeing her adorable face and hearing from her trainer was a huge motivator!!

  24. Honestly, if I win, I would be the most excited to read the FBG Anti-Diet!! I have been wanting to get it! If I don’t win, I will ask for it for my birthday. ❤️✨???

  25. They all sound good, but I’m going to choose The I Quit Sugar Cookbook. Thanks!

  26. I enjoyed the “Would you take a magic health pill?” article. I would be totally tempted but I have grown to love the journey:)

  27. A Love Letter to Running… something I am coming to identify with as my budding relationship with running grows.

  28. I am most excited to read The Sleep Revolution, because I know that I am terrible at getting enough sleep. I’m hoping that reading the science behind it will be enough to push me into better sleep habits.

  29. My favorite post was How to Begin When You Don’t Know Where to Start. I can really relate to it, I want so much for my health to be better but it’s so overwhelming to begin.

  30. I would love all the books but I make skinnytaste recipes all the time so it would be nice to have that book handy.

  31. 23 Hilarious Thoughts You Have When Running in Winter

    I got the best laugh out of the winter running post. I have done two spring marathons which means training in lots of snow, so totally could relate.

    Thanks for the giveaway. Super excited about the I quit sugar cookbook. I also quit sugar, but running out of recipes that keep my husband happy.

  32. Super excited about the I quit sugar cookbook. I also quit sugar, but running out of recipes that keep my husband happy.

  33. I love any of the posts about pets! It’s fun to have a partner in fitness, especially a non-human one. 🙂

  34. Tough call for the *most* exciting book. I’d have to say “The I Quit Sugar Cookbook”, only because I would love to be able to quit sugar!

  35. I love any post that gives me ideas for workouts! I lead a circuit training class at work and the ideas keep our workouts fresh!

  36. I love your reward ideas for hitting your goal. After having 2 kids i got stuck 5 lbs within my goal because i kept thinking i worked so hard why isn’t this good enough. A little reward got me going again! Now I’m only 1 pound away!

  37. I would want Wellth because I’m obsessed with mindbodygreen or FBG because let’s be real, 10 minutes is all i have a day!

    Thanks for the consideration!

  38. My favorite post was when one of the Fit Bottomed Girls talked about giving up her activity tracker, and also Erin’s (I think) take on not obsessing about it. I’m sure there are many others I liked as much, but that’s what comes to mind (it might have been a FB Mamas post now that I think about it). I already read Anti-Diet and loved it, I would be very interested in reading Wellth.

  39. Am most excited to read the I quit sugar book. I’m currently waiting to get my blood drawn for the pregnancy glucose test!

  40. Yay, I already have your book! I would be most excited to read The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington since I do not get enough sleep! I read her posts regularly so really should go ahead and get this book to encourage myself to sleep better.

  41. I absolutely love the type of posts you’re now posting on Fit Bottomed Zen, like yoga, meditation, slowing down, inspiring and motivating me. I tend to read those first here but now they’re all in one place so thanks for the Zen! I still read here though, lol. So much info to learn and share. I’ve pinned some of your posts and have most of your playlists on Spotify too!

  42. There have been so many great posts on FBG – but my most recent fave was a morning yoga flow from Fit Bottomed Zen. The poses are easy enough that I remember them and I like that it can be as short or as long as I like. It’s made it’s way into my morning routine 🙂

  43. Oh, and I REALLY need to quit sugar… so winning that book would be perfect 🙂 But… I’d be excited for any of them.

  44. I honestly love the FitBottomed Dude articles, lets give a little love to the guys in our lives!!!

  45. As a grad student who works near full time, i really need to be getting better sleep, so of course I would love to check out The Sleep Revolution. (Though your book looks amazing as well. I probably should check both out 😉 )

  46. You guys are ALL awesome, but here are the lucky random 8 that win!

    Danielle — #28
    Naghma Husain — #46
    Breckie — #1
    Tori — #31
    Nel — #49
    Jacqui — #17
    Robin — #7
    Megan Billitti — #33

    Emailing you now to get your addresses. Thanks to all who entered! 🙂

    —FBG Jenn