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What About Your (Workout) Friends

In case you missed it on Snapchat or Instagram, Erin and I headed to Florida recently to hang out with Kristen for our annual FBG partners’ retreat. We all live and work in different areas around the country, so it’s always nice to come together, face to face. Scratch that, it’s not just nice. It’s AWESOME. Besides the obvious wine-drinking, pool-dancing and general merriment, we get a LOT of work done. From brainstorming to editorial planning to personal and professional goal-setting, it’s a weekend of serious FBG power. The other thing we do a lot of? Work out. Oh, yeah, we do.

A little sweat (okay, a lot of sweat) at @def_fit on a Sunday morning!

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And of all things that I LOVED about our partners’ retreat this year, that may be the one thing that stood out: having really awesome workout friends. Live, in-person workout friends. Friends that give you a high-five after you really struggle to make it through that final circuit with good form. Friends that laugh with you (but not at you) when you trip running around the parking lot. Friends that let you borrow a hair-tie (and also maybe deodorant, even though that’s kinda gross). Friends that will check their armpits for ridiculousness. Friends, guys. Friends.

In Florida, Kristen has a pretty large circle of friends with whom she goes to group exercise classes, full moon yoga on the beach (I know, that is a hard sell, right?), runs, bike rides, dance classes … you name it, she does it. And I seriously got a little envious. And considered moving (that full moon yoga on the beach thing … ).

But then, I came back to Kansas City, and it’s like the universe knew I was in FBG withdrawal. Out of the blue, my friend Tessa wanted to go to the Fit Pit with me, I got a number of invitations to try new workout classes with people I haven’t hung out with in months, and I became super grateful for the awesome and regular workout friends I have at the gym. Especially Sheryl, Fit Pit owner and overall badass, and Erika, who is our FBG unicorn (seriously, she creates SO MUCH awesomeness behind the scenes — with her art work, in the FBG store and on social media).

It’s authentic girl talk like this after a WOD that really makes me love working out. Yes, the endorphin rush is awesome, but the connection is even better.


And now I’ll leave you with a song that’s been stuck in my head ever since I titled this post (for obvious reasons).

What about your workout friends? Are they around? Do they stand your ground? Mine do — near and far! —Jenn

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