Day 2 of the Positive Body Image Challenge: Take Your Power Back

Positive Body ImageYesterday we unveiled that we were doing a Five-Day Positive Body Image Challenge to help you get a better body image. You took the pledge in Day 1, and today for Day 2 we want you to take your power back. From the scale that is!

There a lot of places to get your power from: your relationships, your sense of humor, your sparkling eyes, your laugh, the way you can push through a workout, make a mean salad and strike a power pose. But the one place you shouldn’t get your power from — or give your self-worth to — is the scale. That silly blinking piece of metal is only a number and just one way in a myriad of other ways to measure a tiny aspect of your health. Think of it, you don’t get your blood pressure taken every morning and then lament all day about how you’re not enough, do you?

Besides the scale being highly variable depending on what you’ve eaten, drank, digested (or not digested) and how much muscle you have, health is determined by more than just your weight. And we prefer to go with how we feel rather than a number when it comes to health. When we feel healthy, energetic and upbeat, we know things are right in the world and in our bodies. Number on the scale be darned.

Positive Body Image Challenge Day 2: Take Your Power Back From the Scale

This is all why today we’re helping you to transform your relationship with the scale by reclaiming it … on your own feel-good terms. Watch the video below or here to see exactly how you can do this. This is one of our fave exercises from our book and something you can do in just 10 minutes. (Fun fact: I was newly pregnant when filming this two years ago!)

Doesn’t it feel great to take your power back from the scale? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on social (@FitBottomedGirl) with #FBGChallenge! —Jenn


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  1. I broke up with my bathroom scale several years ago and I’m not looking back. I don’t even have a bathroom scale anymore. I find that a better way to gauge your health is by how you’re feeling about your body. And if you’re looking to lose weight, try putting your old (read: small) clothes back on to see if they fit. That’s a better way of gauging where your fitness is than stepping on the scale.