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Day 4 of the Positive Body Image Challenge: Stop the “Fat Talk”

Are you feeling better about your body? Loving yourself a little more? We hope so, because it’s day 4 of the Positive Body Image Challenge and we are psyched to keep the momentum going. Let’s look back at what you guys have done thus far:

Day 1: Take the Better Body Image Pledge

Day 2: Take Your Power Back From the Scale

Day 3: Forget About Calories

(If you’re just now seeing the challenge for the first day, feel free to start day 1 today!)

We’re going to build on all of that today by focusing on your social connections.

Positive Body Image Challenge Day 4: Stop the “Fat Talk”

Study after study proves how important the people you surround yourself with are. Some research goes so far to suggest that healthy — or unhealthy — behaviors are even contagious, as they can become your social norm. And it’s about more than just working out and eating healthy. Research suggests that the same can be said for self-talk — and conversations about our bodies.

You guys know what we’re talking about, right? When you get in a group of gals and somehow everyone is going around talking about what they don’t like about themselves and what they wish they could change. It seems pretty harmless at first — hey, it’s just a conversation.

But, ladies, it’s more than just girl talk. It’s “fat talk.” And it’s hurting us all.

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According to this study on positivity and weight management, women who thought positively about their weight were 25 percent more likely to succeed in maintaining their weight, eight times less likely to report having gained weight, and 60 percent more likely to get back on track after a weight-management plan was derailed than women who engaged in negative self-talk.

That’s why today’s challenge is to stop the fat talk and self-bashing once and for all with your friends, family and co-workers. Watch the video below for Kristen’s brilliant tip (hey, we know it’s not Friday yet, but that’s okay — the tip works any day of the week!) on how to do just that. As she says, there are SO many other great ways for us to connect and bond that actually lift us all up.

A jar that encourages you to stop the fat talk while also giving back to charity for each time you fall back into all patterns? Fantastic, right?

What’s been your experience with fat talk? Is it a norm with your friends, fam or co-workers — either consciously or not? Tell us about it in the comments or on social (@FitBottomedGirl) with #FBGChallenge! Jenn

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