EMOM: The Workout That’ll Kick Your Butt (in a Good Way!)

You might know this killer workout by another name, but I know it as the EMOM (the acronym stands for every minute on the minute) and if you’ve never given it a go, prepare to be humbled.

It looks deceptively easy. This 15-minute workout consists of only three non-weight bearing exercises done in quick succession.

Your nemesis is the clock. Once you perform the required amount of reps for each move you are allowed to rest, but only until the clock strikes the next minute. Then it’s go time and the super-set starts again.


Do a couple of warm-up sets so that you can figure out the best way to transition from one exercise to another. This will save precious time. The faster you perform each set (while keeping good form), the more rest you are allowed. And when it comes to the dreaded EMOM, even a few extra seconds rest will seem like a luxury.

If you lack workout enthusiasm, the EMOM makes a great training partner. Racing against the clock creates instant motivation, plus it’s a fast and fun way to sneak in a workout. Do it on days when you are short on time or when you are feeling particularly awesome and want to kick some butt!

Create your own EMOM and pick three exercises that work the whole body. Think upstairs, downstairs and core. Choose the duration of time and the number of reps you think you can handle. Once you master the EMOM, challenge yourself and make it progressive; each week add a minute or two of time or a couple of additional reps.

Are you a fan of the timed workout? —Karen

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  1. Seems interesting…a lot like Tabata

    1. Jenn says:

      Yeah! It’s definitely that intense. 🙂

      —FBG Jenn

  2. Wow! It’s intense… will need really good shape for doing that.

  3. Great work..Thanks for sharing..Acquiring a toned butt is likely at the top of every women fitness goal, but getting it is another story. You can get it, after doing super quick butt toning exercises, using an effective blend of strength training, cardio exercise, body resistance moves to burn calories as you firm and tone your lower half.

  4. Love this exercise.
    I had a hard time when first doing this killer workout. But after a short time, I get used to it and now it becomes part of my life. Also thanks for your tips about the warm-up sets.

  5. Ha! I can tell my sister about that. Maybe she happy about that.

  6. Yes, i definitely a fan of the timed workout. Very useful. Thanks Karen!

  7. Oh it’s simple but very useful. Thanks for sharing your idea. I’ll apply to my exercises.

  8. i love this post. i will try to do it

  9. This is a great writeup on how to strengthen those glutes. These aren’t just girl exercises, they’re good for men too. Me and my girlfriend tried these. And boy do we feel the burn!

  10. My workout routine is much similar to yours.

    50 Sit-ups

    25 Push UPS

    25 Squat Jumps

    30 Mints running

    5 Mint Leg Race.

  11. steadyfoot says:

    I will certainly start 2017 with workouts like these.

  12. lizmarie says:

    Great pointers. I will be starting in a month’s time with similar workouts

  13. Foot Idea says:

    Hey great blog . These are the best tips and tricks for workout without any weight. Thank you for sharing this blog.

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