Energy Healing: Have You Tried It?

energy healing

Energy healing is a broad field that encompasses everything from acupuncture to reiki. Like a massage for your physical body, there is nothing to do except lie back and let the practitioner do the work.

I’ve tried a few of the modalities with mixed success; keep in mind that each experience is personal and a closed mind can block a practitioner’s effort.

Chakra Balancing or Clearing

Truthfully, I had no idea my chakras were seriously out of whack until my yoga instructor, who was also a practicing energy healer, sensed this and offered to clear them for free. With nothing to lose I made the appointment.

The healing took place in her studio with me lying on a yoga mat. She placed crystals around my body and got to work. She never physically touched me, but I could feel her moving and hovering beside me.

At first I experienced a pleasant tingly vibration throughout my body. But then it felt like a giant rubber band was being pulled from my lower torso. The band would stretch out a good two feet and then suddenly recoil. This happened a number of times until it finally broke and disappeared. I never felt frightened; more like wow that was weird.

My instructor admitted that she had had a difficult time clearing my lower chakras; the stands of energy had found a comfy home and resisted being cleared. After achieving success, she cut the strands so that they could not reattach.

Afterward I felt fantastic, super energized and free. I raced home and took a look in the mirror expecting to see a physical transformation.

The second or sacral chakra (located below the naval) is associated with feelings, emotions, intimacy and connection. At the time of this chakra clearing I was still dealing with the emotional fallout from my divorce. Talk about whoa.

Conscious Transformation Energy Healing

For this energy session I relaxed on a typical massage table. Again there was no speaking or touching, but I could sense the practitioner’s movement. After a short time, purple clouds began to form overhead and slowly settled about six inches from my body. The sensation made me a little claustrophobic.

As I relaxed, the formation of clouds moved nearer until it pressed down on my torso. I felt like one does when they first awake from deep sleep; I couldn’t have moved if I wanted to. After awhile the clouds began to rise and dissipate; next I had the feeling that a shackle on my left wrist suddenly popped open.

I left feeling happy and energized. On the way home I stopped at the grocery store. Everybody I passed, and I’m talking everybody, greeted me with a big ol’ smile. I felt like I was glowing.

This simple healing practice gathers positive energy from the universe and channels it to the recipient. Purple is the color of the crown chakra. It symbolizes cosmic awareness, spirituality and helps with healing. Again, whoa.

Reiki Circle

The reiki circle I attended was a community event with about 40 people in attendance. There were a few of us newbies, but most of the participants were established healers with varying degrees of practical experience.

Everyone in the room received a 10-minute reiki sample performed by six people at one time to increase the potency of the mini-session. Each of us took a turn on the massage table while the others positioned themselves around the table and “lay hands” on a part of your body.

Although I didn’t feel any particular cosmic sensations, I found the experience relaxing and would give it another chance in a private atmosphere.

The Japanese healing art is used for stress reduction, relaxation and to help balance the flow of vital energy.

Since I’ve opened myself up to the possibilities of alternative healing I feel more in tune with my personal energy. Yoga, meditation and journaling help me keep my energy flow in check, but every so often I get off track and feel what I can only describe as flat. When there is nothing of major significance in my life to cause this sensation, I chalk it up to negative or blocked energy and call in a pro.

Have you tried energy healing? I also periodically attempt to shift my own energy with this self-help technique. — Karen

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  1. Deb E says:

    I tried a complimentary reiki session several years ago, that was in the same building where I was getting some electrolysis done. They were just starting their practice but I didn’t really care for it. I do meditation, journaling, and love my yoga, but it just didn’t do a thing for me. The music she was playing was pretty annoying too, so maybe it was just not my thing in general.