Gluten-Free and Paleo Tortillas That Are Insanely Good

If you’ve been watching me on Snapchat at all recently (and, if not, hey, let’s be friends — I’m @FitBottomedGirl!) you’ve probably seen the one thing that I’ve been totally and absolutely obsessed with lately: Seite Foods Almond Flour and Coconut & Cassava Tortillas. OMG, they are so good. I honestly never though gluten-free and Paleo tortillas could be this good. But they are!
In the past, I’ve always used corn tortillas (not Paleo, I know, but corn doesn’t seem to bother me much thankfully) or greens or no tortilla at all. And it’s been good. But I do on occasion miss a nice, soft tortilla that I can roll up my favorite taco fixin’s or eggs or tuna salad (see above) or even just a burger and some greens in. And these Paleo tortillas fit that bill. They’re soft, they’re flexible and they taste DELICIOUS. They honestly taste as good, if not even better, than what I remember regular flour tortillas to taste like. They taste homemade.
And they taste homemade because they basically are. I did a little reading on the company because I wanted to know who perfected these glorious Paleo tortillas and it turns out it’s a recipe developed after a family member had to adapt to an anti-inflammatory grain-free diet more than a decade ago due to Lupus and other autoimmune conditions. So they created grain-free tortillas the whole family could enjoy — and now we ALL can.
They come in Almond Flour and Coconut & Cassava and both are awesome, although I found Almond Flour to be slightly more awesome. It just is a little softer and has a more tortilla-y flavor to me. (But you honestly can’t go wrong with either.) Just look at the ingredients — in addition to being grain-free, they’re also dairy-free.
And you can’t beat the nutritionals either.
Have you ever had great grain-free or Paleo tortillas? I am a serious fan of these. My husband and I fight over who gets the last one in the package. Which is hilarious, since it usually goes to our daugther. She’s loves these with a little peanut butter and jelly rolled up inside! —Jenn

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