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Got a Caffeine Addiction?

If you’ve been able to make the journey into motherhood without becoming addicted to coffee, God bless you and how have you done it? Because take one look at Instagram on a Monday morning and you’ll see caffeine addiction running rampant.

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I’ve often joked about my caffeine addiction as needing my coffee in an IV.


But then one day I decided to trade out my sweetened flavored creamer for the non-flavored stuff. And I discovered I wasn’t so much addicted to my coffee as I was addicted to what I put in my coffee.


If I had to put it in number form, I’d say I’m clearly a 16:

what is your number?

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When I switched creamers, I went from drinking three cups to having a hard time finishing just one. It took my tastebuds about a week to adjust to an unsweetened version, and I wasn’t craving the sweet coffee like I had been. Then my husband accidentally bought my old creamer and it was back to pouring a gallon of coffee down my throat again. The experiment had been conducted; I knew for certain that clearly, the sugar was what was having me knock back so much coffee. It’d be one thing if I was drinking just coffee — who cares about the caffeine? But I know I don’t need to be starting my morning off with that much sugar. Then, Leaner Creamer arrived on my doorstep with the claims that it makes coffee both delicious and healthy.

As the name implies, it’s a leaner creamer — meaning both that the creamer has less fat and sugar and that the creamer actually promotes healthy weight management. Its formula claims to help speed metabolism, aid digestion, increase lipolysis (the breakdown of lipids including fats) and suppress hunger. Leaner Creamer replaces hydrogenated and trans-fat filled creamers with a formula that includes coconut oil, citrus aurantium extract, hoodia and green tea extract, all of which have properties tied to weight-loss or appetite suppression.

caffeine addiction

I tried the new Hazlenut creamer, which is sweet enough to skip any added sugar and delicious with its super drinkable hazelnut flavor. Each bottle 9.87 ounces (112 one-teaspoon servings) is non-dairy, gluten-free and sugar-free. While it makes my coffee tastier than my unflavored creamer, it didn’t have the effect of making me want to drink coffee all day, like my sweetened creamer does. I can’t say that I really noticed any of the appetite-suppressing effects; my regular coffee tends to do the same just by the nature of getting something warm in my belly. But it is a nice substitute for flavored creamers with those high-calorie price tags; Leaner Creamer is only 10 calories per serving. But speaking of price tags, this creamer will cost you $19.95 with discounts for multiple bottles purchased.

The powdered form allows it to be conveniently stored at room temperature, with no need to refrigerate, which is hugely convenient as I tend to forget to put my liquid creamer back in the fridge. I might not be making the permanent switch any time soon, but now that I’ve experimented with taking the sugar out of my morning equation, I’m certainly going to stick with that habit.

Do you like a little coffee with your creamer or are you the type who can drink coffee straight?Erin

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