Love Fruit? Check Out These Healthy Snack Ideas

What was the part of your lunchbox that you always looked forward to the most as a kid? For me, it was all about the fruit snacks. Whether I had cinnamon applesauce or a Fruit Roll-Up to look forward to, the fruity treats were always a highlight.
And they still are … although these days, I try to find options that aren’t loaded with sugar or a bunch of unpronounceable ingredients. After all, one can never have enough healthy snacks on hand. Recently I had two different delicious options land on my desk that I couldn’t wait to share! (And by “share” I mean “tell you all about” — because I haven’t actually “shared” more than a bite or two.)


healthy snack ideas nomva
These 6-ounce Nomva pouches are packed with organic fruits and veggies as well as billions of probiotics, all packaged using high-pressure processing (rather than pasteurization). Now, you won’t be surprised at all to learn that flavors like strawberry, blueberry, carrot, and apple are sweet and tasty, but, believe it or not, my favorite flavor was the kale pack, which includes apple, pineapple and spinach. They’re a cinch to eat one-handed if you’re on the go — and in fact, if I had a complaint to make, it would be that they’re too easy to eat. I wish each pouch lasted a little longer!

Matt’s Munchies

matt's munchies
Vegan, organic, gluten-free and with a super short ingredient list (like, for the mango flavor, the only ingredient is organic mango puree concentrate), Matt’s Munchies offer bite-sized dried fruit buttons in eight flavors. While I’m sure they’re all delicious (because the three I tried were fantastic), let me give you tip — go with the Island Mango. It smells — and tastes — just like a tropical vacation. Like, I wanted to save the pouch it came in when I was done just so I could keep sticking my nose inside it. Classy, I know, but that should tell you just how enamored I was of it.
Do you have a favorite fruit snack that’s not, you know, just a piece of fruit? —Kristen

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  1. The fruit snacks are excellent, it replaces the current dry snacks. Anyway the natural ingredients from fruits are still appreciated by me. Thank you for the shared article.