Is This a Better Alternative to Flip-Flops?

I LOVE me some flip-flops. Don’t get me wrong. But after years of wearing them and years of writing about all things fitness, I know that they may not be the truly healthiest of choices for my tootsies. Let’s be honest, I probably will never stop wearing them, but I am certainly open to trying flip-flop alternatives. Especially when they’re as fun and funky as this:

iguaneye review

The colors! The minimalism! That place for your big toe! Yeah, the first time I saw these, I knew I wanted to try them. So, Iguaneye sent me a pair to review. (Kind of fun in the FBG colors, huh?)


Iguaneye Review

And, just as I imagined, they were, in fact, quite fun and funky. See how that front piece goes up and over your big toe? I wasn’t sure how it would feel on, but it was oddly comfortable. And, as you might imagine, quite the conversation starter. (Also, I thought that bullseye on the back did something like hook them together, but turns out it’s just a fun icon of their logo.)


Inspired by Amazonians, the outers of these shoes are hypoallergenic, soft and flexible. The sole that goes inside them is really the star though. Made of 99 percent cork and 1 percent latex that’s coated with leather hide, they feel soft and cozy, and the cork actually helps to absorb sweat, prevent the stinkies and acts as a natural antibacterial material (new fun fact about cork right there). With wear, the sole kind of molds to you feet, and begins to feel like a second skin. They also let in good air flow —- which is basically what we all want this time of year. I mean, these are about as minimal as you can get without going totally barefoot.

I just wore these here and there for errands, but they say you can even run a little in them. And they do have a little bit of tread on the bottom so no matter the weather or surface, you’ve got some grip. A note of caution: I found the sizing to fit a bit larger than expected (hence the no running) — and you want a tighter fit to prevent slippage. So if you order, err on the side of smaller if you’re on the fence between sizes.

A pair of these are not cheap. At about $90 a pair (you buy the outer and inner parts separately — which is kinda fun because then you can really go nuts with color combos), they are an investment. But the soles are handmade in Portugal and the quality is really high. So, um, it’s not like we’re talking your usual flip-flops here.

Overall, I did really enjoy wearing these. I’m not exactly ready to give up my flip-flop habit, but it’s nice to have another option.

Are you a flip-flop addict? Tried to break your addiction with other shoes? I’m not cured but I’m making progress …Jenn

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  1. Kari says:

    Do these have any sort of arch support? I have a hard time in flat-soled shoes because I have a high arch and am prone to plantar fasciitis.

    1. Jenn says:

      Hi Kari,

      Nope — not really any additional arch support. 🙁 Sorry!

      —FBG Jenn