Reason No. 592 Why We Love Amy Schumer

One of my good friends (and new FBG writer!) McKenzie recently shared this Amy Schumer video on her personal Facebook page and it pretty much had us high-fiving the screen. So much so that we KNEW we had to share it.

Whether or not you’ve ever shopped for plus-sized clothes,


Inside Amy Schumer

We write a lot about how fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes, but we know that’s pretty easy to say here online in our own little pocket of the internet. But that not the entire world sees it that way — and that offensive, mean-spirited and downright derogatory things are done and said all the time. And this whole Amy Schumer skit brings that to light, in a hilarious but pretty biting and honest way.

Well done, Amy Schumer. Well done.

Have you had a negative experience shopping for plus-sized clothing or fitness apparel? A really positive one? We’d love to keep this discussion going. —Jenn


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  1. Shopping for fitness apparel is so hard for me because of my figure. I love one particular brand a lot but to find pants that work is a nightmare and the same is true for most brands I’ve discovered. I am curvy on the bottom and with thicker thighs and a smaller waist so as soon as I start doing anything physical my pants start to creep down. UGH is so awful to constantly be pulling your pants up in the middle of tough workouts!!