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The Art of Longboarding


Credit: Zoey Shopmaker

In August of 2015, I impulsively bought an Arbor Axis Premium Longboard. At the time, I had no idea I was choosing a board that’s attractive lightweight Maplewood body would send me flying down black pavement (originally my goal was to be able to stand on it without falling). Since my initial purchase — I have painfully earned badges of bruises and have gained a greater self-confidence. I have found longboarding to be an excellent sport for my mental and physical health.

Before I became smitten with the sport it was difficult for me to understand why my friends found it so rewarding. Now, I understand. While you really have to try it to truly understand the benefits of longboarding, I want to talk about the physical and mental benefits of longboarding.  

Anyone who has ever pushed themselves up a steep hill on a longboard or skateboard can you tell you: it is rigorous. It is tiring. Skaters who diversify their workout with uphill, downhill and flat ground will find it to be a great cardio workout. Cardio increases lung capacity and strengthens the heart. It’s also a great way to strengthen your heart and muscles. Skaters will find longboarding to also be helpful for strength and balance. 

Credit: Zoey Shopmaker

Credit: Zoey Shopmaker

As your longboarding skills progress you may even find an interest in sliding and tricking. (I want to learn how to slide like no other!) Sliding allows you to stop when riding downhill at accelerated speeds.  It is an especially helpful skill when you need to stop abruptly. (Note: if sliding, buy slide gloves! Failure to wear slide gloves will result in gnarly, bloody-pavement caked hands.) In order to slide you must have the balance and strength to squat and crouch down while riding your longboard (this will take practice and muscle control). Tricking also provides a number of physical benefits. There are countless tricks in longboarding — all of which require strength and balance. Many people “dance” on their board, which depends on concentrated balance (as seen in the video here and below).  

Longboarding is incredibly fun. I see it more as a bad-ass hobby more than a “workout.” The physical benefits of longboarding have been great but more than anything, I have seen a change in my mentality.

Longboarding requires you to trust yourself. You must accept that you will fall at some point and that’s okay! Great even — you’re learning. I have found the more I board the more willing I am to push myself and trust that I will be okay (even if I eat pavement). Self-trust builds confidence. (Plus how can you not feel fierce on a longboard? Longboards are the fairy dust of cool.) Besides building killer self-trust and self-esteem, longboarding is an excellent outlet for stress.   

Credit: Zoey Shopmaker

Credit: Zoey Shopmaker

Nothing chills me out like a long longboarding session. For me, it is the perfect way to release endorphins and adrenaline. In many ways, I find the feeling of longboarding (especially when I’m cruising easy) to be relaxing and very similar to meditation. Eventually, your body and the board become in sync. You will be able to ride without thinking and release any unwanted stress. 


Credit: Zoey Shopmaker

Longboarding provides an extremely fun and exhilarating way to stay physically and mentally fit. Longboarding (and life) require courage, strength, discipline and balance. I am learning to carry these lessons into my daily life. If you have an interests in longboarding, I encourage you to splurge on a board. It is an awesome feel-good outlet that’s always there and ready to ride.

Anyone else tried longboarding? Want to? Tell me about it Alex

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