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My Favorite Beer After a Run

 favorite beerYour work day is over and you’ve just run a few miles with your friends. It’s hot, you’re sweaty, and you’ve already pounded your water (or was that a sports drink?). Your group finished the run at a craft beer bar with every beer imaginable on tap.
What do you order? What’s your favorite beer following a hard run?
Many of my runs (at least the shorter ones) take place on weeknights with a group, and we generally either end at an establishment with a decent beer selection, or we migrate to one. I did this with my running group in Gainesville, and was lucky enough to fall immediately into an amazing group of running friends with similar post-run habits here in Sarasota. So, I’ve had plenty of practice at choosing a post-run beer.
Now, while alcohol-free beer is the brew with the most health benefits for runners … that’s just not my jam, although I have enjoyed the on-tap kombucha my local pub’s been offering. But aside from the ‘bucha, I often opt for a selection with a lower alcohol content, especially if I’m extremely thirsty and know I’m likely to drink it down quickly. So, my favorite beer (or at least one of them!), particularly in the summer, is a shandy or radler. It’s a little sweet (or a lot, depending on the brewery), light and refreshing. Right now, my fave is Boulevard’s Lemon-Ginger Radler (shocking, right?).
Sometimes, though, I’m in the mood for something a little more filling, in which case I’ll opt for a wheat beer. One of my absolute tops is Weihenstephaner Kristall-Weissbier because it has all the flavor of a really delicious wheat beer, but it’s filtered so it’s not quite as heavy as some hefeweizens can be.
Now, the bonus question …
How does what you’d order after a run compare to what you’d order otherwise?
While I’ve been known to order both of those (and many other similar brews) with no workout involved whatsoever, when I’m not in the act of trying to stop sweating, I’m at least equally likely to order a stout or a brown ale (because, yeah, if Cigar City’s Cubano Espresso is ever on tap, I’ll almost always go for that!).

Do you have a specific favorite beer following a run? Are you anti drinking right after a workout? Or are there any beers you normally like but can’t stomach until your heart rate gets back to normal? I never order an IPA after running, but then again, I don’t exactly do hops any time. —Kristen

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