The Cutest and Coolest Refillable Lip Balm You’ve Ever Seen

In addition to having a serious nail polish addiction (like, don’t let me walk by the nail polish in a drug store; it is impossible for me to resist), I also have a lip balm issue. The “issue” being that I need it with me at all times. So I have a million different ones scattered throughout my house and office and car … and every gym bag, purse and backpack I own. You know, just in case.


I mean, have you ever needed lip balm and couldn’t find yours? It’s akin to being thirsty and needing a drink so badly or having a piece of kale stuck in your teeth that you can feel but you can’t get it out without really grossing out the people around you (and, OMG, where IS that floss in your bag?!). I know, #FBGProbs.

And seeing that I like to live a healthy lifestyle and all, it makes sense that my lip balm would be more natural, right? Problem is, even some of the best natural lip balms I’ve tried haven’t stood the test of time. Maybe I liked how they went on or moisturized at first, but after a few days, I’d end up back at using my beloved and pretty darn boring Vaseline.

Which is petroleum jelly. Sure, it comes from the ground, but it’s not exactly sustainable. And I feel weird putting a version of crude oil on my body.

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Which is why POGO got my attention. From the creators of Eco Lips, it’s made from sustainable and natural ingredients that are organic, Fair Trade Certified, gluten-free, cruelty free and made with 100 percent renewable energy offsets. It also comes in fun flavors like Apricot Peach? (yes, the question mark is actually part of the name — for the record, I do think it’s apricot peachy), Iced Iced Berry, Mint Mint, Nothin’ At All (unscented), Split Banana and True Vanilla Bean. Each retails for $3.99 and can be found at Target, Hy-Vee grocery stores, ULTA, Vitamin Shoppe, other natural products and online.

Besides the great flavors and ingredients, they’re also darn adorable. And, guys, they’re refillable. Meaning, when you use up all of its lip balm goodness, you can simply buy a refill lip balm and pop it back into your same POGO. How smart is that?!

At last, my lip-balm-loving conscience could sleep at night and continue its lip-balm-loving ways.


And they really do work well, week after week. I haven’t given up my Vaseline at night just before bed (old, unhealthy habits die hard!) yet, but POGOs are scattered about my house now and I use them a few times a day whenever the need strikes. And they do a great job at truly moisturizing with a great lip feel. Mint Mint is my fave, but Split Banana is a close second. All in all, I am THRILLED to have a better lip balm — for myself and for the planet — at my fingertips.

What do you look for in a lip balm? Any other addicts out there? I’m so happy my secret is out. I feel so free! —Jenn

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  1. Everyone who cares about having lush lips must have lip balm issues as you try to get the perfect one that will not leave your lips more chaffed then before.

  2. Lip balm addict. Lipstick addict. For decades. Will have to try the POGO. My fave is the Beautycounter Calendula Lip conditioner. My only prob with it is that it comes in a pot. So, I’m always looking for somewhere to clean my finger off. 🙂