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Be Free and Declutter Your Life


I just returned from making another charitable donation to my neighborhood thrift store, and though I wish to ascribe altruism as the motivating factor for my actions, truthfully, I just like to get rid of stuff.

My obsession with discarding the old started after my divorce. Once his belongings were out the door it was time to start on mine. As I tossed old mementos and vacation souvenirs, I realized that the detritus from years gone by was merely clutter. I didn’t need a box of stuff to remind me of the highlights of my life; all the memories worth holding onto were already locked away inside my head.

It felt so good to lighten the load that it made me question the wisdom of stockpiling at all. Childhood keepsakes that I hadn’t looked at in years, books that would never be reread, holiday ornaments that no longer appealed, gifts that never did appeal and shoes. Good Lord, you’d think I was a centipede with as many shoes as I owned. I purged to my heart’s content and have never once regretted a decision or cursed my minimalistic ways. Not once!

Today I strive to live in the moment (um, isn’t that why we meditate?) and aspire to collect experiences over things. So I toss, sell or donate, and man does it feel good! It’s liberating to let go of physical attachments, it opens up energetic space in my life and it reminds me to be grateful — not for physical things, but for people and the relationships in my life.

Over the years I have learned to live with less, (and, yes, I still love to shop), but I give all purchases a second thought. Most importantly if something new comes in the house, something old must go!

Trust me, I still own plenty of stuff, but the items that remain have a purpose and are used or enjoyed frequently, not tucked away inside a box to be visited only when the moon turns blue.

How long has it been since you’ve looked at some of your so-called treasures? Recycle, repurpose or donate and let somebody else enjoy them for awhile! —Karen

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