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Going Commando … By Not Going Commando

commandoI’m not a big on celeb trends. I mean, if Rihanna and T-Swift are wearing it, cool, but I give much more attention to when a good friend calls and says, OMG, this stuff is amazing. You feel me on that, right?

So when Commando sent me a top and bottom from its new activewear collection (set to launch this fall) to review, I was, you know, interested in trying it for the ongoing underwear debate (still heated, yo), but not much more. Until I pretty much fell in love with the sports bras. (Turns out celebs are just like us!)


First, let’s talk about the Soft Sports Bra ($58). Besides the print being fun and the cut being flattering for an A or B cup (much bigger and I’d try one of these), I was incredibly surprised with how supportive this bra was before, during and after the workout. Like, guys, it didn’t stretch out once it was all sweaty. Turns out, it has an elastic-free design, which is pretty rad and new to me.


When I first pulled this bra out of its packaging, I really didn’t think the fabric was all that soft or comfortable. It was actually a touch scratchy, maybe? But once it was on it felt good. Surprisingly good. Almost luxuriously good. (Again, no wonder the celebs like it.) And despite having a lot of boob kind of exposed in the front (at least from what I’m used to in your typical sports bra), it held them in nice and close during everything from running to strength training to yoga. And, because this print (which also comes in a red/yellow/orange color — that’s actually the one I got to review) is super saturated, it doesn’t show sweat or wetness. I mean, I’m pretty sure I could wear this as a swim top and no one would know. It’s that awesome.

I also tried the matching bikini ($28).



I have to say, although these didn’t leave panty lines in my yoga capris (hooray!) and they were made of a soft and comfy fabric, they gave me wedgie after wedgie. A lot of low-rise bikinis do that though, so maybe it has more to do with the size and shape of my fit bottom? I don’t know; deep questions for another time.

All in all though, Commando is a line I will keep my eye on and probably pick up another sports bra or two from. (For the undies, I’ll continue on with my Target purchases.) It’s the kind of athleisure underwear that you really can take from brunch to a workout. (Workout to brunch? I’d still change your drawers.) Good quality, cute, functional. And seriously, who knew elastic-free was such a cool and big deal? Now I do!

Time for the age-old question: do you work out commando or not? Or, better yet: do you work out wearing Commando or not? (See what I did there?) Jenn

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