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A Jump Rope Workout That’ll Kick Your Booty

jump rope workoutEver since I did the Throwdown and had my ass handed to me by double-unders (and lots of other awesome things, but double-unders were up there), I’ve been more and more aware of how I probably need to — ahem — work on them if I want to be better at them. But the idea of just busting out huge numbers of double-unders as a kind of specific jump rope workout honestly makes me a little whiny.


And then Crossrope sent me an email, asking if we wanted to review its new (well, since our last Crossrope review) Infinity Starter Set that includes interchangeable handles and both a 1-pound heavy “Intensity” rope and a 1/4-pound heavy “Agility” rope. The ropes can be used anywhere — inside or out (yay for that!) and it retails for $69. And I was all like, Crossrope: get out of my brain. How did you know I needed jump rope inspiration?


Because, besides the jump rope system just being plain awesome (quality that holds up and the interchangeable handles are a really cool way to switch between jump rope weights easily — and without owning more gear than you have to), the kit also comes with a suggested jump rope workout. Which totally lit a fire under my jump-rope loathing butt. In a really, really good way.

First, a few dos and don’ts on form, courtesy of Crossrope.



Now, here’s the actual jump rope workout I’ve been doing with some pointers. It may look simple, but don’t let its simplicity fool you. It’ll get your heart rate up and your arms burning, hella quick.



A few extra tips on this jump rope workout …

  • It’ll take you a few times to get the hang of changing the handles out quickly. So don’t worry if it takes you more than 30 seconds to swap to the heavy rope. (It took me close to a minute the first few times, but believe me, the extra rest was nice on the ol’ lungs.)
  • Finding your slow and fast pace may take some trial and error. With the Agility rope I could much more easily get to a fast and slow pace, but it took me a few workouts to get a “fast” pace with the Intensity rope.
  • The Agility rope doesn’t feel that bad, but the Intensity rope is HEAVY. Like, crazy how sluggish it can make you and your arms feel.
  • The next time you jump with your usual light rope, don’t be surprised if it feels like its going to fly out of your hands it’s so light. Also, don’t be surprised if it takes you a bit to get your usual double-under pace going. It’s truly insane how quickly your body adapts to using the heavier ropes. But, believe me, this is a good thing.
  • The workout is modifiable so on days you’re feeling awesome, you can push the pace. On days you’re not, you can lessen the intensity by decreasing your speed.

jump-rope-crossropeThe best part of this jump rope workout — and using a system like Crossrope where you can easily use jump ropes of different weights — is that it allows you to get better and fitter. The heavier ropes increase your fitness and your strength so that you can do more with less effort after just a few weeks of training. If you’ve been wanting to jump rope faster, longer or harder, this is the way to do it.


I still may never be quite this awesome at jump rope or anything Serena Williams does, but I sure am having fun trying again.


And that’s way better than whining.

Have you ever done a jump rope workout? I’m thinking of playing with this one a bit — maybe follow it with some push-ups and tricep dips and air squats? Talk about a full, full-body burner! Jenn

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