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17 Ways to Get Out of Your Coffee Rut

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It’s no secret that we love our coffee. But we can get in a coffee rut now and again. Black coffee for me (Jenn), a splash of cream for Kristen, some flavored creamer for Erin. So how do we mix things up when our normal cup of java seems boring? With these awesome coffee ideas, that’s what!

17 Coffee Ideas That’ll Mix Up Your Cup of Joe

  1. Blend in spices. A dash of cinnamon and ginger can make your coffee even more energizing. And we all know how delicious a little cocoa can be.
  2. Add coffee to your smoothie. It’s breakfast and your java in one.
  3. Drink it in a different way. If you usually do a K-cup, try a French press.
  4. Mix up your blends. If you always go with a dark roast, try a lighter roast. The flavors and complexity might surprise you.
  5. Sample some funky flavors. Coffee purists might turn up their noses at the flavored brews, but many coffee houses take the flavored java to awesome levels that are anything but vanilla. Bring the flavor out even more by buying the beans and grinding them at home.
  6. Change your scenery. Do you always sip your cup of coffee at the kitchen table? Head outside or to a different room to savor some new scenery.
  7. Swap out your fat. If you usually use creamer, try blending in some coconut oil or butter instead. Or do both to make Bulletproof coffee.
  8. Make a recipe. There are SO many good recipes out there. We especially love this Salted Vanilla Coffee recipe from Dale Noelle, founder and CEO of TRUE Model Management. Simply combine milk, coffee and half of a teaspoon of sea salt in a coffee mug. Add in eight to 10 drops of vanilla extract and boom! You have a coffeehouse-esque beverage.
  9. Change the temp. If you always drink hot or iced coffee, try the other!
  10. Top it off. Forget the whipped cream from a can — try making your own coconut whipped cream. Whether or not you spike it with a little rum is up to you.
  11. Try a new milk. Instead of cow’s milk or soy or almond milk, why not try some coconut milk or thick cashew milk? (Coffee So Good inspired us on this one!)
  12. Give it a boost. Consider upping the health benefits of your java with a scoop of unflavored protein powder or collagen powder.
  13. Mix in an extract. A few drops of almond, mint or vanilla can give your brew a whole new flavor.
  14. Try coffee cubes. Have leftover coffee? Freeze it in an ice cube tray and then, the next morning, pop them into your favorite milk for a delicious treat (especially if you put them in chocolate milk or chocolate almond milk — mmm!). You can also add a pinch or two of cinnamon to your cubes for little extra spice.
  15. Blend up a frosty brew. Those cubes can do more than just cool down your java! You can add cubes of frozen almond milk to espresso, or add cubes of frozen coffee to almond milk, then throw it all in a blender to create a frozen coffee drink to rival the ones you get at your favorite chain.
  16. You gotta horchata. Another great idea from Dale Noelle is to combine coffee with coconut horchata for a delicious cinnamon, almond and coconut coffee drink.
  17. Shake up a coffee cocktail. Okay, so maybe this isn’t appropriate for the morning hours, but in the afternoon or evening? Um, delicious. And there are so many good ones out there. Like these from Imbibe Magazine.

What are a few of your favorite coffee ideas that we missed? Leave ’em in the comments please. We’re always game to try new java-rific things! —Jenn & Kristen

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