How Much Social Media Is Right for Your Family?

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You know how sometimes you get what you need right when you need it? Whether you call it gifts from God, the universe providing or just lucky coincidence, sometimes you feel like someone is watching you and knows exactly what you need.

Once, I was out of vegetables and got a review box of veggies on my doorstep so I didn’t have to go to the store that day.

I had a funny video about fashion to post on Friday and my mom sent me unsolicited images I ended up using.

I rarely make pancakes for dinner, but the other day my kids and I decided to make them — and then were met with a box of review pancake mix on the doorstep.

On vacation last year, my husband and I were searching for parking in a rain storm. A closed parking garage opened right as we were passing. Then as we were hunkered down with three kids getting ready to brave the downpour, a man gave us his umbrella. His hotel had given it to him and he could tell we needed it. How great is that?

So it makes sense that after a night where I had a serious discussion with my husband about social media that the next day I was greeted with a message from Jenn: “How would you feel about Jenny doing some social media for FBM?”

It was like an answer to my prayers. Because as much as social media can provide a great sense of community and support and motivation, it can also wear you out. It’s time spent staring at my phone and not my kids. It’s ignoring mommomMOMs to post something funny — because your kids never need your attention more than when your attention is focused elsewhere. It’s time spent looking at people’s perfectly “curated” Instagram feeds and rolling your eyes because that’s not real life. It’s grabbing my phone thinking I need to take a picture to post to Instagram instead of just living.

Not to mention, as my kids get older, I’m more and more concerned about their privacy. I’ve always been hyper aware of what I share on the internet, and I’m careful not to put anything up that might make their future selves cringe. My boundaries just got a little more rigid lately, and while I’m not stepping away entirely, our Fit Bottomed Mamas account will be more of a reflection of the site rather than any one individual. We’ll be posting more motivation and encouragement and what’s going on behind the scenes  and on the site — and we’ll continue to keep it real. No curated account here.

How much social media is right for you family?  —Erin

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