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A New (Delicious) Vegan Protein Powder

You’d think that because I tend to eat mostly Paleo, that I wouldn’t be drawn to vegan products. But it’s just the opposite. While vegan foods may not have any animal protein in them (which I’m totally okay with), they do omit one thing that my body doesn’t always love: dairy. So, I actually love them. Quite a lot!
And one such vegan line that I’ve been crushing on hard — that my friend Sahar recently sent me some of to review — is this stuff.
Started by celebrity dietitian, Keri GlassmanLife’s Abundance is totally clean. Meaning it’s non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and has no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, no artificial colors and no added sugars. So my jam.
I really expected that I would love the protein powder the best. It’s 100 percent plant-based and has 14 grams of protein per serving with just 100 calories — and it is awesome. But for me, I was really blown away by the line’s Greens Blend and Minerals & Antioxidants.
So, let’s talk about the Greens Blends, shall we?
Lately I’ve been pretty lazy about not mixing up my greens in my smoothies. On most days it’s some frozen organic spinach plus berries. If I’m feeling cray (or have a bag about to go bad), I’ll add in some kale. So I need more diversity in my greens — especially since almost every salad I make at home features spinach heavily. (What can I say? Popeye would be proud.)
But a scoop of this Greens Blend pretty much rights all my spinach-heavy wrongs. I mean, just look at what all is in it! It’s basically superfood in a glass. Mushrooms, people. Mushrooms in my smoothie.
And for being so green (and with mushrooms!), it really did taste great. I still prefer to mix it in with my usual smoothie, but it’s not bad on its own.
And then there’s the Minerals & Antioxidants. Besides having an insanely delicious real-strawberry flavor (seriously, SO GOOD), it’s like a truly healthy energy drink.
Made with coconut water and aloe vera, one scoop will give you 74-plant based, naturally chelated, trace minerals — some coming from freshly harvested sea vegetables. (I promise you can’t taste the sea.)
I know that a lot of times in the afternoon I crave a cup of coffee for a boost of energy, but this? This is so much better for me inside and out. (And you guys know how I adore my coffee, so that’s saying something.)
Do your eats and drinks make you feel epic? I seriously need that glass shown above. Jenn

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