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The Kindness Project That’s Making a Difference

What happens when two best friends, Jenny Matthews and Brooke Runnebaum, decide to start their own business and make a difference in the lives of women everywhere? This.


“Brooke and I always wanted to do ‘something’ together,” says Jenny, co-founder of sheKC Lifestyle. “We weren’t sure what. I literally woke up one morning with ‘sheKC’ in my head. I wasn’t sure what it meant for us, but I knew that I was on to something. I called Brooke and we put our minds together (we actually share a brain …  it’s almost scary) and www.sheKClifestyle.com was born!”

And then as part of that lifestyle brand, they decided to do this (which we really, really love!):kindness-project

“Gosh, every time we turn on the news or scroll through Facebook we kept seeing tragedy,” co-founder Brooke says. “We wanted to create awareness and to help spread kindness back into our country starting in Kansas City. If just one shirt or bumper sticker can make someone smile or make something click in their mind we are making a difference.”

And, I mean, who doesn’t want more kindness in the world? More inclusion? Less us vs. them and more, hey, let’s do this together?

And that’s exactly what Brooke and Jenny Matthews are trying to do. On their site sheKC Lifestyle, they’re not just selling shirts. They’re sharing stories and promoting something all of us could use a little more of. Kindness to each other, kindness to ourselves. And, especially with back-to-school being top of mind, the message that hey, you’re welcome to come sit with us. (And, yes, there will be kid-sized shirts available!)

Pretty powerful, huh? Can you imagine seeing a school lunchroom filled with kids wearing this message? Get your shirt here and share your kindness moments online with #sheKCkindnessproject. And you don’t have to be in Kansas City to get involved or make a difference. Jenny and Brooke want to take this message across the nation and world!Jenn

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