This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Sleep and It’s Awesome

We all know how refreshing a good night of sleep can feel. And we’ve probably all read that quality sleep is a key way to help you recover from workouts better and more quickly. But do you know why?

This infographic from the Sleep Matters Club is simply fascinating. Fascinating. And it, step by step, shows exactly what happens to your body when you sleep — and why it’s so very important for active people. If you’ve been wanting to get fitter and feel better, quality sleep is the way to go, yo. From muscle recovery to REM, here’s exactly why getting the right amount of sleep is so darn important.

Do you find that you recover better when you have a good night’s sleep? After a year of sleep deprivation due to Gwen, I can say that — from personal experience — quality sleep makes a HUGE difference! —Jenn

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  1. Awesome! Nice infographic you got there. For those who are really serious about getting great sleep, I recommend getting a sleep tracker app to monitor your sleep trends. It really helps!