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3 Spa Services to Book Now That Aren’t a Massage

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When Erika and I see each other it’s usually over lunch to talk FBG or we’re at the gym, sweaty AF.

Follow our sweaty adventures on Snapchat (@FitBottomedGirl)!

Follow our sweaty adventures on Snapchat (@FitBottomedGirl)!

So imagine our delight when we got to meet up for some spa services and pampering at Sunlight Day Spa in Kansas City?


I’d been there once before for an infrared sauna treatment and they invited us both in to try the place out again. Erika got the chance to try a Sunlight Purifying Treatment (hey, two opinions are better than one!), and I got to try Reiki and Raindrop Therapy.

And, guys. It was awesome. I mean, I’m never one to say no to a massage (NEVAH), but these three treatments are worth trying if you’re looking to switch up your spa services a bit. Totally and absolutely worth it. Relaxing and good for you and, well, just read!

1. Reiki

My time at the spa began with a rose-petal foot soak.


In their beautiful zen waiting area.


Honestly, if this is all that happened, I would have been a happy camper. But Reiki — an ancient Japanese healing practice used to channel universal life force energy to restore balance in the body, mind and spirit, according to Sunlight Day Spa — was just so relaxing. It’s not a massage; in fact, there’s very little physical contact. But, over the course of my 30-minute session, my practitioner (who was quite lovely and so sweet and welcoming) simply focused her energy on different areas of my body, releasing any “energy blocks” as she went.


During it, I breathed deeply, remained open to the experience and just relaxed. I didn’t have quite the visual experience that Tish did when she tried Reiki, but I did leave feeling lighter and my head was clearer and I was more able to tap into my intuition. Which felt awesome. I’d totally try it again. And I can only imagine that Reiki gets more amazing when you regularly schedule it and really get to know your practitioner. —Jenn

2. Raindrop Therapy

After my Reiki session, I headed into Raindrop Therapy. I seriously had NO IDEA what to expect, but I simply loved it. Maybe even more than Reiki (and I really, really loved Reiki). This type of spa service is said to “combine the art of aromatherapy with Vita Flex, massage and essential oils to bring the body back into structural and electrical alignment.” Like Reiki, it’s also supposed to help release and align the energy centers.

My practitioner focused on my upper back for 30 minutes and along with massage, dripped a variety of essential oils on my back. Most of them felt warm, which was really pleasant — and they smelled great. Like a mix of spearmint and herbs.

Look at all those essential oils!

Look at all those essential oils!

I had some serious knots in my back, and this was great for getting those out (the oils and warm towels used really helped to loosen those knots) and just relaxing me. I left feeling pampered, as loose as Gumby and just chill. Which was exactly what I was looking for. (Note though: you’ll definitely want to shower after your session — when I say they use a lot of oils, I mean they use a lot of oils. See proof above in photo.) —Jenn

3. Sunlighten Purifying Treatment

When Jenn asked me if I wanted to join her for a spa day, I thought, “Silly question!” Of course I do. I sadly had actually never been to a spa before (unless you count the nail salon).

After Jenn and I were both given robes to change into, I went out to let them know I was ready. I was led to the infrared sauna, which was set aside in a hallway. I noticed they had several spread out through the entire salon.


The sauna was already hot. There was a huge glass of water, a very absorbent towel and a guide as to what an infrared sauna does and how it works. On the front is a very large screen where you can adjust the lighting, music, temperature and many other things.

I immediately started to sweat my ass off — and it felt so good. I was sitting up at first, but then decided to lay down and it was pure bliss. The session lasted 30 minutes, but quite honestly, I feel like I could have stayed in there all day.


So, you’re probably wondering what infrared is and what the difference is between this kind of sauna and a regular sauna. Infrared light is part of the sun’s invisible spectrum of light that has the ability to penetrate the human tissue. Infrared heat therapy is like sunbathing, which gives you the radiant heat that is all your own. But unlikely sunbathing, infrared therapy won’t burn your skin and is completely safe (if used properly).

Infrared sessions promise many benefits: temporary weight-loss, increased blood flow, reduce muscle spasms, remove toxins from the cellular level of the skin, assist in the reduction of inflammation and swelling and reduce soreness. Sessions last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

I felt energized after and … detoxified. It’s something I would totally love to do on a regular basis. Did I lose weight? Not sure because I don’t weigh myself but overall, I felt fabulous. ––Erika

Have you ever tried spa services like these? Any others we should give a go? Tough work, we know. —Jenn & Erika

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