6 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

You eat healthy foods most of the time. You work out. You think good thoughts. You’re doing everything right! But you’re still not losing weight. And, although you love yourself unconditionally at any and every size, you keep wondering to yourself: What gives?

Well, maybe it’s one of these sneaky reasons from our buds at Runtastic! Do any of them describe you?


If you’re struggling with no. 2 (and, really, who isn’t these days?!), definitely be sure to read our recent article on adrenal fatigue, and be sure to check out our free online workshop The Metabolic Myth that we’re doing with our fave trainer (seriously, he’s the best!) Dave Smith. It’ll give you a step-by-step plan to get your body back on the right track — with a whole lotta self-love.

Not losing weight when you’re trying to can be frustrating, but, remember, there are always other factors to focus on beyond the scale. Don’t forget to see how your energy is and just how good you feel each and every day by making healthier choices. —Jenn


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  1. I had never put together that eating in front of the TV causes us to eat more unnecessary calories! Thank you for that tip. I need to start eating to the radio instead!