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7 Ways to Re-energize Your Running Routine

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running routineFall is the perfect time to refresh and re-energize your running routine. Sure, there’s less daylight and the temps are chillier. But there are also pumpkins! And changing leaves! And a new season! And we don’t know about you but — second only to January 1 — this time of year is awesome for turning over a new leaf. So if you’d like to reach your running dreams and/or bust a running rut NOW, read on for our top seven ways to jog to it.

1. Change one (or two!) of your Ws

Mixing your running routine is a great way to make it fresh again. And you can do that by changing one or two of the “Ws” below.

  • When you run: Normally run in the morning? Try a jog over lunch?
  • Who you run with: Maybe you join a running group, maybe you take your dog, maybe you go solo … just do something different!
  • Where you run: It’s time to try a new trail, park, neighborhood, or heck, even gym!
  • Why you run: When’s the last time you thought about why you run? Like really, really thought about it and went deep with the inner reason why you love running? Tap into it (if you’re having trouble try just free form writing) and then …

2. Connect with your why each day

The final W is a big one, huh? But once you take the few minutes to figure out your why, then you can use it as motivation each and every day. Condense your why down to just a few words or a small phrase (like respect, love, freedom) and then post it on your mirror, your fridge or wherever you’ll see it often. Then look and it and feel it every day.

3. Focus on a new goal

New goals are always motivating! But try to do everything at once and you’ll get burned out and maybe even risk injury. So, pick ONE and then train for it accordingly.

  • Speed: Shorten your distance and try speeding up.
  • Distance: Work on that endurance.
  • Time: Even a simple goal like run 30 minutes four days a week can be great!

4. Put something new in your ear holes

This might be the easiest way to instantly refresh your running routine of all — something new in your earbuds! Or, no earbuds at all. Try a new…

  • Playlist: We have so many fun running playlists.
  • Song: Even just one new power song can make you feel like a new runner again.
  • Podcast: Sick of music? Try a podcast! And we think ours is kinda rad, sooo … subscribe!
  • Nature: Why not skip the earbuds altogether and opt to tune out by tuning in to the sounds of nature? It can be so refreshing.

5. Invest in new gear — or upgrade your gear


There’s nothing like a spankin’ new running outfit to make you feel fresh as a daisy. And, as a Brooks Running ambassador, we’re HUGE fans of pretty much everything new they have out. And this month that, our running friends, is the Dash Hoodie and Chaser Pant that you see above. The Dash Hoodie is just so cozy but also keeps you dry, and the Chaser Pant is totally versatile and all-season with an adjustable leg opening that flips in a snap. Both are a little funky and we cannot stop wearing them. Which means we’re ready to go for a run at any time. Which means, AWESOME.

6. Switch up your cross-training

You know cross-training is important, but how often are you mixing up what you do when you’re not running? From swimming to boot camp to traditional strength training to Zumba to barre, the cross-training options are pretty much endless, so try something new!

7. Get grateful

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, but why not get your gratitude on now? Focusing on what you’re grateful for can be a wonderful way to tap into the awesomeness that is life and how well your body can MOVE (and run!). So, take a moment each day to say thanks to all that running gives you. Here are just a few examples to get you started …

  • For your body
  • For a new season
  • For a new day
  • For a hot cup of coffee and a hot shower after a run
  • For it all!

How do you refresh your running routine? —Jenn

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  1. Thanks for sharing this direction! Really useful for us. Moreover, along with doing exercises regularly, you need to follow a healthy diet to get a good body.

  2. Nigel Chua says:


    I just plug in my business/self help podcasts, and go. Maybe it’s me or maybe it’s a guy thing, but I run alone, same route (about 20 minutes jog) and then come home to more weight-based resistance exercises – I prefer a more “scheduled approach” ie it’s part of the daily routine, so I need to get it done before I can go on with my other tasks =D

  3. This blog is helpful for me and thanks for sharing this… 🙂

  4. I also love running but I admit that sometines, there are lazy days coming and you decided to not run. At this point, you need some inspiration and ways to boost it. Thanks for sharing some ways to do it.

  5. I have been struggling this week with the task at hand.. wt loss and exercise. Thanks for the words of encouragement and they are at the time I really need to hear them.

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