Facts About the Health and Wealth Connection

We recently ran a post that got a lot of buzz on Fit Bottomed Zen about how to be healthier and wealthier. And besides having an abundance mindset and aligning with yourself your highest purpose and all that other feel-good (awesome) woo-woo stuff you can do, the facts show that when you make healthier decisions — like getting enough zzzs, not smoking and managing your stress — you do tend to make more moolah.

We mean, just check out some of these health and wealth facts in the infographic below from the website Personal Income!

Facts About the Health and Wealth Connection


Don’t get us started about overweight people with lower starting salaries (’cause that seems like BS, employers), but the rest of the health and wealth facts are so interesting. I think we all know that smoking will cost you medical expenses in the long run, but do you ever think about stress costing you? Or how just getting a cold could set ya back? I always think of it in terms of just feeling like crap and missing out, but, yeah, certainly it gets pricey. Another reason why it pays to take care of yourself as much as you can — it’s all about prevention, baby!

Did any of these facts surprise you? A 12 percent raise for hitting the gym? Bonus! (Literally, ha.)Jenn


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