8 Feel-Good Apparel Finds

feel-good apparel


Are you loving the trend in apparel that is all about putting good vibes out into the world? We are. And here are eight recent feel-good apparel finds that we are digging on. Hard.

1. Golden Rhino


We love soft, comfy tops and tanks, and Golden Rhino is a golden master at creating them. With fun and not-so-obvious designs (the “U R MY FAVORITE” one at bottom left took me looking in the mirror to figure out), they’re great to wear to yoga, the gym, to bed, around the house and even to brunch. And their tagline: “Take charge of your happiness”? Well, we’re definitely golden on that.

Why We Love It: It’s like a feel-good secret you wear with you all day.

2. Janji Mombasa Collection


Go global with your feel-goodness by wearing a piece or two from the Janji Mombasa Collection. These feature beautiful designs and prints that were inspired by the look of the coast of Kenya, all on high-performance fabrics. Meaning that you get soft and breathable gear that’s ideal for running — all with a gorgeous and unique look.

Why We Love It: Besides cool unique designs, 10 percent of each sale goes towards constructing, implementing and maintaining clean water projects. Talk about truly feel-good apparel!

3. Teeki


Phoenix rising is one of those images that always inspires greatness and these yoga pants from Teeki that we recently reviewed over on Fit Bottomed Zen certainly have our spirits rising. Besides visually reminding us (and anyone who sees us) that we can overcome about anything, these yoga pants just feel great on. Stretchy and comfy — without the pattern ever looking overly stretched out. AND, these can also be worn in water. Which is way, way, cool.

Why We Love It: All Teeki clothing is made from fabric spun from fibers made of recycled plastic water bottles and printed and hand sewn using environmentally friendly techniques in the U.S. Love!

4. good hYOUman.


The whole goal of good hYOUman is to make comfortable clothes and unique accessories that make you feel good. And with so many fun and awesome sayings like “respect the process,” “I do it for the dopamine” and “I have everything I need,” well, we feel pretty inspired. Don’t you?

Why We Love It: Made in the U.S. and its limited-edition shirts give back to the design of the collaborator’s choice.

5. SheKC Kindness Project


Who doesn’t want more kindness in the world? More inclusion? Less us vs. them and more, hey, let’s do this together? We recently wrote about these shirts and this campaign over on Fit Bottomed Mamas, but we are totally behind the sheKC Lifestyle Project. Besides the shirts, the campaign is about really sharing stories and promoting something all of us could use a little more of: kindness. Kindness to each other, kindness to ourselves.

Why We Love It: You don’t have to live in Kansas City to get in on this feel-good project — it’s nationwide!

6. Forest Ink


We got an email from one of the founders of Forest Ink and it was pretty darn inspiring:

“I run this business on the side with my mom. I make all of our designs by hand, and we have a whole line of fitness tees. My goal is to branch into doing an entire fitness line and creating awesome content to really inspire and motivate people.”

Well, Zach, you certainly did that with Forest Ink.

Why We Love It: Because when you put on a shirt that says “I know every mile will be worth my while,” it makes you want to run that extra mile.

7. Puppies Make Me Happy

puppies make me happy

We’re gonna go ahead and bet that just the company name put a smile on your face, but there’s more to grin about. This company has a wide range of tees and tanks (for both men and women) with everything from the company name to funky “Puppies and Barre” (or Yoga, or Fitness, etc.) or even one of the truest phrases ever, “Puppies, Wine and I’m Fine,” printed on super soft cotton, and proceeds from sales benefit various pet-related causes like the ASPCA, SoCall Bulldog Rescue and more. Their limited edition  (and currently sold out) Young & Brave top even saw 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to the Young and Brave Foundation.

Why We Love it: Making people smile is our favorite, and being able to do so without saying a word — just by wearing a cute and comfy shirt — makes it even better.

8. Shameless Self Promotion


Whether it’s a crass, hilarious or a terribly awesome pop-culture pun, the FBG store has you covered. Literally.

Why We Love It: That’s pretty obvious, right?

What tops and tanks make you feel good inside and out? —Jenn

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    Wow! These clothes look great to run. I like… Their color are nice. ^^