Confessions of a Foam Roller Junkie

Hi. My name is Jenn and I have a foam roller problem.

And not in, like, I don’t foam roll. I do! Okay, fine. Probably not enough, but I do somewhat regularly foam roll. My problem lies more in the sheer number of foam rollers I own.

Like, they’re taking over my house. I have little ones, big ones, hard ones, softer ones, those with trigger points, those without! And, guys, I’m here to not only disclose my foam-rolling hoarding secret, but also to share that I just added two more to my collection …

I know, I know. I said I’d never get another! And then I got two.

But they’re totally worth it. Really! Here’s why.

Rollga Pro Foam Roller, Extra Firm ($49.99)


In the foam-rolling world, you hear a lot about muscle fascia and connective tissue. And most foam rollers — just by design — can’t get into bony areas like your shins, arms and shoulders. But, I don’t know about you, but those are exactly some of the areas that I need serious relief in. (The last massage I got, I seriously felt bad for my therapist. She had to work SO HARD on the knots around my shoulder blades!) Which is what makes the Rollga a must in my foam-roller collection.

You might notice that the Rollga looks a little different than other foam rollers, and that’s its secret. That design gives you “relief zones” that allow you to bypass your bony protrusions and reach deep within the muscles. It actually works your connective tissue in multiple directions simultaneously. I’ve  never tried anything like it. It’s like the Cadillac of foam rollers. (And, yes, like other awesome foam rollers that really work, it makes your eyes water because it hurts so good.)

The company claims it’ll give you faster recovery times, prevent sports injuries and even help you to reach deeper levels of REM sleep by targeting muscles and joints that increase circulation and reduce lactic acid inflammation. I can’t confirm that I’m sleeping better by using it, but my muscles certainly feel better after a session. Plus, it’s light-weight, comes with a strap that makes it convenient for travel and taking to and fro, and Gwen likes to try to clean and jerk like it’s a barbell. WHICH IS ADORABLE.

The TriggerPoint CORE Roller ($60)


So after hearing me go on and on about the Rollga, why would I want to add another moderate compression pretty basic foam roller like the TriggerPoint CORE Roller to my collection?

Because it comes in a 36-inch length, guys. 

And it’s everything.

First, it is a solid good foam roller. The pattern on it definitely helps to dig into the areas you need it most. But the 36-inch one can do things like support your entire spine during yoga and Pilates (where were you during my pregnancy, roller?), and it just gives you a HUGE amount of roller to work with on your back and shoulders.

It’s got moderate compression so it’s hard but not too hard. Perfect for those days when your super hard foam roller is just too much. And, seriously, the size. It supports up to 325 pounds, so it’s almost big enough for two very small people to use at the same time. Or me and Gwen, which again, adorbs.

Are you a foam roller junkie, too? If having a lot of foam rollers is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. —Jenn

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  1. Taggart Downare says:

    I love my Rollga!

  2. I have had a rollga for about a year now. I didnt ever use it but the other day, I did some intense workouts online and I thot, oh oh. I hope I didnt overdo. I have had chronic tight back/hip problems that I go to a chiropractor for. I get some relief but it doesn’t last. I got my rollga out and pressed it into the attachments around the hip. I breathed into it and held each spot for a long time, waiting for sensation to be neutral. Omg! My hip was so red and sore. But…the pain is gone!. Usually, when I stand from sitting the muscles around my hips will grip…I have found out why old people stand slowly and wait before walking. In the past days since I rolled it has felt like a miracle. Thank you rollga!

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