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Halfway Through 12 Weeks of Strength Training (and a Workout for You!)

strength trainingWell, well, well. Here we are, HALF WAY! Megan and I have successfully completed half of our 12-week strength training program with Trainer Jason over at A Greater You and we couldn’t be more thrilled (and tired!). Yes, waking up is still a challenge, but man oh man, so are the workouts. We are feeling GREAT after each one!

Each session is different. We change up our weights, continue to focus on form and really start to feel the muscle groups we’re working on. Six weeks ago, Megan and I discussed never being able to do this type of strength training program post baby. How is it possible that weights have empowered us so much that we feel so differently about our bodies now? So far, we’ve come to accept that it’s okay to feel different. I am probably stronger now than I was six weeks ago. Or even four years ago. Strong feels different, sounds different and looks different to me. I can carry my 50-pound mister without losing my breath. I gave Evan a piggyback ride while pushing Sadie in the jogging stroller for a mile. Why? Well, I had no choice. It was really hot, my child was completely exhausted and he just couldn’t make it the rest of the way home. I truly feel THAT is what I have been training for.

As much as I walked into Jason’s gym six weeks ago wanting to lose X amount of weight, I’m realizing it’s not about that. As a mom, what is important is that my body can take care of my children no matter the challenge. Whether it’s carrying them, running to them, or just holding them; that is what is most important. Megan is a mom of four kids under 5. Her hands are full, much more than mine. Last week she took a big jump in her weights, and she didn’t even seem fazed. She’s lifting pretty heavy in my opinion, yet she makes it look so easy. She said to me, “At this point, I’m just so used to picking something up.” You know what? She’s right! All we do, all day long, is throw a kid or two on our hips. Why is it that we always want to be skinnier, leaner, prettier, stronger when in fact, we are the strongest, most bad ass of them all?

I know we’ve given you quite a few teasers over at @fitbottomedmama on social media, but Jason is going to spoil you with a little insight into our workout. Here’s just a little video that you can do at your own pace, without equipment. Yes, you CAN do this!


Ready to join us for a real strength training session?Jennifer

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