Podcast Episode 5: Freakin’ Bob Harper Talks About Everything

Can you hear us freaking out?

Because we’re freaking out.


Our newest podcast episode is with BOB HARPER! Yes, the Bob.

And besides just squealing with collective delight (which is embarrassing enough that you’ll want to hear it, believe us), Bob gets real y’all. We have a fantastic discussion about EVERYTHING.

Like, what he’s been up to recently. Like this:

Teaching Body By Bob at Brick in LA.
Teaching Body By Bob at Brick in LA.

And this:


And this (gah-rowl):


Plus, Bob talks candidly about fat-shaming, “coming out” on The Biggest Loser (you’ll see what we mean by that in the interview), the insane workout he plans to do next, his favorite workout music and playlists (and how you can get ’em!), and how his own personal fitness and healthy eating journey has evolved over time.

It. Is. Fascinating.

And we don’t need to tell you how freakin’ charming Bob is, but this interview is really everything. It’s real and vulnerable and funny and inspiring … it’s just SO BOB!

We mean, these quotes are just a little snippet of what you’ll hear in the full episode …

bob-harper-quote bob-harper-quote-2


Plus we FBGs each share our “Bob changed our lives” stories, discuss the pros and cons of reality TV and let you guys in on the inside joke of #RobotBob. This is definitely one you don’t want to miss. And probably want to share with all of your friends.

Get the episode here or listen below!

Learn more about our podcast here and be sure to subscribe here so that you never, ever miss an episode. And want more Bob? Check out our videos with him! —Jenn


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