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5 Time-Saving Hair Hacks (So That You Have More Time for Workouts!)

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The one thing I’m pretty sure we’d all agree that we’d like more of is time. Time to meditate. Time to hit the gym. Time to cook healthy delicious meals. Time to read. Time to volunteer. Time to organize. Time to chill. Time to play. Time to be. Time to run with your friends!

Note: nowhere in there did I say, “Time to do your hair.” Because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Which is exactly why we’ve partnered with Aussie to share five time-saving hair hacks that will give you more time to do all the healthy stuff you love to do — and want to do more of — but just can’t seem to find the time.


These are real-world, real-girl hair hacks that really work at saving you time. So, don’t spend your extra time fighting with your hair. Follow these hacks, #DitchTheDrama and get some of your free time back!

1. Perfect a few key hairstyles.


The messy bun is a go-to fave, obviously.

You know how, when you do meal prep on the weekend, it makes weeknight dinner time so much smoother? Well, this hack is kind of like that — but for your hair. Instead of fighting with your hair to get it out of your face for workouts or just right for your work day, spend a little time on the occasional weekend doing your “hair homework.” There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest, YouTube and on Aussie with awesome and quick and easy ideas to make your hair — no matter how long or short or curly or straight it is — work for you. Spend an hour perfecting a couple so that you always have a go-to hairstyle on hand to do quickly. Your morning sanity will thank you.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.


It’s a whole lot easier to deal with hair that’s moisturized and not totally frizzy. So set yourself — and your hair — up to win from the get-go by using the right products. We love all of Aussie’s products but Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Strong Conditioning Treatment takes the cake for moisturizing our hair in three minutes flat. This treatment actually makes hair 10 times stronger against damage versus a non-conditioning shampoo and it lengthens the life of your locks by helping reduce damage. Seriously, one of the best hair care products out there, period.

3. Sleep in a braid.

Another idea? Go with what I like to call the "spout pony" like Gwen.

Side braid in full effect at the pumpkin patch. Another hairstyle idea? Go with what I like to call the “spout pony” like Gwen. Haha.

I’m a busy mom and sometimes the only time I can shower is once the kiddo has gone down for bed. Which leaves me and my long wavy hair with a serious conundrum: do I go to bed with my hair wet and risk a crazy tangled mess in the morning? Or do I take more time at night (ugh) and stay up to blow dry and style, only to hope it still looks good in the a.m.? Turns out, the answer is to pull wet hair into a braid — which takes all of 45 seconds to do. I wake up (more refreshed, more time for sleep!) with two awesome options: take the braid out and have some controlled waves (again, thanks to that Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Strong Conditioning Treatment I can pull that off) or leave the braid in and rock it all day.

4. Pack the essentials.


You never know when the opportunity to work out might pop up — or when you might need to rush from the gym off to do errands or meet a friend. So keep your purse and gym bag stocked with the hair essentials. We’re talking hair ties, bobby pins, a brush and — our fave go-to hair gel: Aussie Instant Freeze Sculpting Hair Gel. It’s perfect for fussy hair that refuses to stay in place and is awesome for holding braided top knots up, well, top.

5. Focus on the hair around your face.


True story: I used this hack when the above headshot was taken this past spring. Sometimes you just don’t have time to curl your hair all over. But a few strategically placed curls around the face made with a wide curling wand can make all the difference in the world in helping you to look perfectly polished — while still looking natural.

Now with all that time you’ve saved with these hair hacks, what will you do with your extra free time? Try a new workout? We’ve got some great options here if you’re looking for inspiration! —Jenn

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  1. As a busy mom myself, I get used to sleep with braids since my boys are always on the go. That’s why I always use T’zikal Ojon Shampoo to manage my frizzy hair due to braids. It is important to wear a hairstyle that doesn’t cover your face and maintain your hairs natural glow all at the same time.

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