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Advice from a Trainer: Focus on Gains

You’ve been along on our 12-week strength training journey. You’ve seen how far we’ve come. Now, hear some insight from the A Greater You trainer and owner himself, Jason Belz.

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What is your advice for the best way to get started post babies? Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Your body has changed—inside and out. It will take time to understand your new body––stress and pressure won’t speed up the process.

What approach do you take when creating your workouts? Safety is number one, and efficiency is number 1B. I never want to waste time—in most cases biceps curls are a waste of time (so you know). Number 2 is challenge—mentally and physically. I want you to think you can’t do something, then coach you through to success. Number 3 is purpose—everything we do must have a purpose.

Is this a one size fits all workout? No way. I wish there was enough time, space, internet to explain. All I can say is, allow us the opportunity to show you—words will not do us justice.

How does being mindful create a better experience at your gym? Transformation is so much more than mainstream media, social media and bull**it doctors on TV sell. Transformation is about skill acquisition—many skills. You must learn how to eat in a manner that fuels your body for the demands you’re putting on it. You must also learn to balance fueling with seeing results if your goal is fat loss. All WHILE enjoying life. You must learn how to exercise in a manner that energizes your life WHILE allowing you to enjoy life. Within learning how to fuel and train, you must learn what works and what doesn’t. You cannot acquire these many skills if you are not present and mindful of how you feel and how your body reacts to change.

You are a Fit Bottomed Dad to 1-year-old twins! How do you make time to fit your workout in while running a gym, doing training sessions and managing your kids’ schedules? My fitness is very high on my priority list—possibly too high. If I don’t get my scheduled training session in, my day comes as close to ruined as a day can come. So, I just do it. I find 30, 40 or 60 minutes and get in what I can. Even if I can’t get in everything I wanted, I still get the satisfaction of the challenge.

What is the most heard excuse? I don’t have time. When you say you don’t have time, you are saying it’s not a priority—yet. We will make time for anything that we feel is a priority. When exercise begins to make its way up your priority list, you’ll find time for it. Even at 5 a.m., right?

Give us your best advice to ditch the excuses? Your excuses aren’t special. There are millions of people dealing with the same s**t as you.

Anything else you’d like to add, Jason, that will benefit all the Fit Bottomed Mamas of the world? My one thing: stop focusing on loss. Loss is negative, it’s un-motivational, it’s frustrating and stressful. Focus on gain. Skill acquisition is gain. Lifting heavier weight is a gain. Moving better is a gain. Less perceived stress is a gain. Improved self-confidence and self-compassion are gains. These are all positives. Focus on gain and the positives and your fitness experience will become enjoyable. When fitness becomes enjoyable, you change.

Love the focus on gains. Totally flips the script doesn’t it?Jennifer

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