The 10 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks

non-alcoholic drinks
Kristen wrote this post on Sober October and it got me thinking: could I do Sober October? And if I was going to, what would I sub for my usual beloved nightly glass of wine?
Well, turns out, as I’ve been doing (as Kristen recently mentioned!) the 10 in 4 Challenge with Dave Smith (more exciting stuff on that coming out in December so keep your peepers peeped) this past month, I’ve been doing my best to only enjoy really quality wine once a week — and in moderation, of course. Not that I’m a total lush or anything, but, before that, I was certainly enjoying wine more than once a week. Which can become a habit. Which is a habit I really don’t want. So this challenge has been fabulous for me resetting a kinda-getting-unhealthy habit (two glasses of wine multiple nights a week) for a much healthier one (a glass or two on the weekends — and the really good stuff that I totally savor).
But, when you’re out or feeling festive but don’t want to drink alcohol, what are you to do? I don’t know about you, but I find that just sipping on water is boring. So, we here at FBE decided to pull together the best 10 non-alcoholic drinks ever. That way, when you’re out and about and want to drink something but not something-something, we all have delicious options to really get excited about and feel celebratory with.

1. Sparky

sparkling water
AKA sparkling water. Buy it or make your own with one of those fun carbonation machines! Oh, and don’t forget the flavored ice cubes. They can really take sparky to the next awesome level.

2. Kombucha

Of all the non-alcoholic drinks* out there, this one might be my fave. There are so many brands (plus home brew!) in so many flavors. Who knew fermented tea could be so damn fun?
*So, technically ‘bucha is not non-alcoholic because it has less than half a percent ABV, which is not going to get you tipsy and does not require labeling as an alcoholic beverage, but is something to be aware of anyway. *cough* Lindsay Lohan *cough*

3. Chia-seed drinks

Suspended chia seeds are kind of an amazing drink, especially when they’re suspended in fruit juice or green juice. You can totally make it at home or buy it. Of late, I’ve been pretty obsessed with the new Mamma Chia’s Organic Chia & Greens flavors that they sent us. They taste “green” enough that you know it’s really good for you, but not so green that it’s hard to get down.

4. Nut milk

Looking for a creamy chocolate taste (like in a White Russian)? Try a chocolate almondmilk!
Want something on the sweeter side? Try your fave nut milk and mix in some cinnamon or a drop of vanilla extract or try warming it up for a delicious treat. You could even add protein powder. (And the crowd goes wild!)

5. Infused water

Jug with lemon and strawberry infused water on a rustic wooden table
Guys, we have SO MANY ideas how to do this awesomely.

6. Juice of any kind

Whether it’s freshly squeezed from your local juicery, you juice it at home or you simply take a few commonplace store-bought juices and mix them together for a new flavor, juice can be really fun. And, hey, this time of year spiced cider is AMAZING.

7. Ginger or Root Beer

Raw ginger on a wooden background, studio shot
We normally don’t recommend soda, but as a non-alcoholic drink? Hey, a root beer or ginger beer in a fun glass bottle might just make you feel like you’re having a celebratory beer. Because you are!

8. Tea

Poor yourself a cup of tea today!
Have it warm, have it cold, have it lukewarm. Just have it!

9. Daiquiris/Smoothies

Daiquiri? Smoothie? It’s all just a matter of semantics, right? And, pregnant or not, you can get some fabulous ideas for good ones here. Plus, don’t forget layering them! That’s next level right there.

10. Coffee

Coffee beans background on wooden, Fresh coffee beans with coffee cup on wooden background, Drinking set background.
There’s nothing better than a warm cup of coffee. Or a latte. Or a cold brew. Or … okay, fine, we just LOVE coffee. Here are more coffee ideas than you can shake a French press at.
What are a few of your favorite non-alcoholic drinks? —Jenn

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