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Glow, Baby, Glow: Video Monitor Review

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A video monitor was one of the first things on my baby registry list. It’s just one of those safety and peace-of-mind staples. And, after reading a lot of reviews and having a couple of mild overwhelmed freakouts in Buy Buy Baby (So. Many. Choices.), I settled on one that I thought was pretty good.

Fast-forward to Gwen being 18 months old. The video monitor worked fine — the image wasn’t exactly the clearest — but it did its job. Until it stopped being able to take a charge. Then, radio silence.

Cue the panic.


I mean, it’s not a huge deal. We can still hear Gwen in her nursery when she’s upset. But I can’t see what she’s doing (or not doing … like sleeping) without a monitor. Unless I go in and check on her. And you guys know how that goes. If they see you and they are okay? Game over.


So I immediately went in search of a new baby video monitor only to be faced with the same Buy Buy Baby dilemma. So. Many. M’effing. Choices.

And then Summer Infant sent us its new Baby Glow Video Monitor & Projection Camera ($124.99) to review and I was like:


And, so, for the last month or so we have been putting this new video monitor to the real-world test.

Baby Glow Video Monitor & Projection Camera Review

So, what makes the Baby Glow Video Monitor & Projection Camera different than your normal one? (I know, they all kind of seem the same.) This one has some unique bells and whistles including a projection feature that puts stars on your ceiling in three different colors. It also plays lullabies and nature sounds — which you can play directly from the camera or from the remote screen. (It’s seriously pretty enough that I kind of want it in my bedroom.)


And that is seriously cool. Gwen loves it, especially in the morning when she first rousts — it buys us at least another 5 minutes of snoozing or getting in a couple more sips of hot coffee. There’s also a two-way communication button, so you can talk directly to your kiddo, too.


But all fun features aside, my favorite part about this monitor is just that the basics work effectively and easily. The unit itself is way better looking than our last one and it’s way easier to position so that you can get just the right shot of the crib.


We may have a bit of a hair-tie collection going.

And although my photo quality is not, the video quality on the 2.8-inch screen is awesome. It has a color screen in the daylight and automatic night vision in the, well, night. You know exactly how much battery you have and what kind of signal you’re getting up in the top left corner, and you can easily move the camera around and zoom in and out (plus turn on the tunes and stars) with the navigation. The whole set can accommodate up to four cameras, so if you’ve got multiple kiddos or simply want to see your child from all angles, you’re covered. There’s also a nice little kickstand that allows you to set the monitor up at the angle you’d like for easy baby viewing, and the unit has a range of 600 feet.


Don’t worry, the baby was safely walking around with Dad.

On the top of the remote unit — and guys, this might really be my favorite part — there’s an easy button to push to power it on and off, a simple video on/off button and a plain-as-day can’t-mess-it-up volume button.


I know it seems silly that buttons are my favorite part of this monitor, but they are just SO easy and intuitive to use. My last one took training to use — and explaining how to use it to anyone watching Gwen for the afternoon was almost impossible. This one though? EASY.

And, it has a rechargeable battery, too. For the love of all that is baby, please let this one keep charging well beyond its one-year warranty.

Do you have a baby monitor that you love? Any duds? Leave a comment so that other mamas can learn from your experience — including me! —Jenn

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