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Podcast Episode 7: Kelsey Miller of Refinery 29 on Why Diets Suck

Kelsey Miller

Credit: Harry Tanielyan

Here’s a scary fact: a girl goes on her first diet at the average age of 8 years old. Yes, 8 years old.

We all know what disliking your body can do to your self confidence and sense of self-worth — but what happens when it starts at such a young age for most young girls and is so ingrained in their development?

This is just one of the many reasons why we are SO passionate about promoting positive body image and having real, authentic conversations about being truly healthy and happy. This is why we loved talking to Kelsey Miller, senior editor at Refinery29, for our latest podcast episode.

We’ve always been big fans of Kelsey’s The Anti-Diet Project column and her book Big Girl: How I Learned to Give Up Dieting and Got a Life (read more about it here), and we seriously had the BEST conversation about body image (and how it’s still in the misguided context of beauty), weight neutrality, her amazing doctor, intuitive eating and how she learned to love herself and ditch diets for good.

Here are just a couple of awesome gems from our discussion …

kelsey-quote-1kelsey-quote-2Podcast Episode 7 Highlights With Kelsey Miller of Refinery29

  • Kelsey’s lifelong struggle with food issues and how the principles of intuitive eating changed her perception on dieting
  • Dealing with “food bullies”
  • The joys of living a full life without worry about cutting carbs or abstaining from whole food groups
  • What new projects she’s working on

Plus, in the pre-interview portion of the episode, Kristen, Margo and I talk about our experience with intuitive eating and why diets in general just suck. We also share our thoughts about this RIDICULOUS body shaming incident — and body shaming in general by personal trainers.

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What was your fave part of this discussion? I loved how open and honest Kelsey was about everything. It’s so true that so many of us let our obsession with weight hold us back from really living. Jenn

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