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A Beautiful Sunrise Yoga Workout

sunrise yoga

Whenever I post a video or article featuring some variation of yoga and stretching first thing in the morning the reaction is always very favorable. Let’s face it — doing some gentle yet direct stretches as the sun rises combined with focused, deep breathing is a prescription for a day filled with good posture, energy and a body that screams, “Look at me! I’m released and ready for anything!” Well, maybe not with all the exclamation points, but you get the point: enhancing our flexibility and awareness first thing in the morning with some sunrise yoga is awesome for enjoying the day.

Yoga comes in many forms. I teach/film/practice many different styles including power yoga, hatha yoga, morning yoga, yoga for athletes, yoga core and many more, but the focus is always on breath, smooth and controlled movements, and enjoying the process. Even in the toughest flows (i.e. some power vinyasa ones), I love to slow down the difficult spots and even them out to create a balanced body. If you’re purposely speeding through a specific section that’s usually a huge red flag. Go back, slow it down, breathe and shine a bright light on that weakness. Put it under a microscope. Only by discovering and improving these weak links will we move forward in our fitness journey.

With balance in mind we come to this morning yoga routine. I do these stretches and poses every day.

Yes, every day.

I even keep adding in new ones and changing up these routines to keep my body fascinated and guessing. Fascination is one of the main drivers in my fitness brand, Sean Vigue Fitness. My personal fitness practice is based on cross-training (training across a multitude of exercise styles and sports), which keeps every routine unique and surprising. Take these morning yoga stretches, do the sequence in the video and then switch them up. You’ll find the constant restructuring targets your body in deeper, more meaningful ways.

Sunrise Yoga Workout

Practice the routine immediately after waking up when your body is warm and relaxed. I swear you’ll receive more energy and clarity then after downing a cup of coffee. Nothing against coffee — I have my one cup every day — but think of this workout as your “pre-coffee” experience. Don’t spill your down dog on the bed!

Don’t you just dig the meadow in the video? Dig it (someone just read, On the Road)! I’ve been hiking with my dog, Addie, throughout the Colorado Rockies this summer to find the best filming backdrops while sharing space with elk, foxes, deer and some passing hikers who can’t help but gawk. This is one of my favorite spots because while I film Addie enjoys wandering through the tall grass or snoozing in the shade. It’s a heartwarming sight.

Anyway, thinking about the gorgeous topography in my neighborhood makes me ramble. Enjoy the routine. Comment how you feel. Don’t forget to breathe … during the routine and always. —Sean

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