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That’s A Wrap at A Greater You


WE DID IT! Jump, jump, jump around! We completed 12 weeks at A Greater You and we are feeling like some HOT mamas! It was challenging, mind opening, emotional and WORTH IT!

At first, 12 weeks seemed like breeze, but once we were in it and waking up at 4:15 in the morning to get to the gym at 5, we knew we were in for a long haul. In our Mama world, a lot of change happens in 12 weeks, from our children recognizing letters to writing their names, from babies sleeping all day to being awake for tummy time and giggles. Some kids go from a seated position to being a full-time walker in 12 weeks!

I truly have a love/hate relationship with change — the unknown. That whole outside of the box mindset can be a challenge. Our 12 weeks at A Greater You has been a change for the good. Trainer Jason was focused on showing moms just how CAPABLE we are. Our bodies are strong, and there is no set definition on what that means. Strength comes in all shapes and sizes. We are worth it to feel that power, and that is what I gained in 12 weeks.

I know there are many noticeable changes in terms of definition and inches. But we only touched on that three times in 12 weeks. Jason stressed how the scale is not our focused feedback, and really drove home our value over that of a number. Every week, every workout, we learned more and more about the capabilities of our bodies. Just when we thought we hit our own max, we are challenged some more. There is no ceiling, there is no front of the line. It just keeps going. A lot of times, on our journeys, we lose our way. We “fall off the wagon,” so to speak. At A Greater You, that’s not a possibility because there’s no wagon to get on in the first place. The only thing that Jason asks of us is to be a badass each time we walk through those doors. He doesn’t have a definition, he doesn’t have expectations of what that should be, we show him and he responds by continuously redesigning the workouts. There is no way to fail here, you can really only get better. This is so much more than a program, this is a commitment to ourselves. To want to do better, to want to push harder, to want to move quicker, to want to breathe easier.

Our Fit Bottomed World was invited to A Greater You to show us what this new gym is in town. Jason has a passion for empowering all of those he meets and spreading his knowledge about fitness and health to everyone. For 12 weeks, we were learning about this gym and spreading the word. But, in 12 weeks, the truth is, I benefited the most. I benefited from a community who took in a perfect stranger and allowed her to flourish. I benefited from becoming more mindful of my choices and more respectful of my body. I benefited from a trainer who one by one knows his clients; our strengths and our fears. I benefited by learning what true capability is. My most valued benefit is knowing that no matter what I am challenged with, I am strong.

To my family at A Greater You, thank you. For being my support at 5 in the morning, even when a teething baby kept me up all night. Thank you to my friend Megan for being my accountability and doing this alongside me. To Trainer O’Grady, thank you for handling a handful of crazy mamas in the morning! To Trainer Jason, thank you for believing in me and our Fit Bottomed World. In the words of Jason Belz, “Remain Gangster.”

Have you ever surprised yourself with your strength and dedication to a program?Jennifer


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