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22 Thoughts Moms Have When They’re Sick

Sick mom

School is in full swing, which means that my three kids are bringing home all the germs. A couple of weeks ago, I was bedridden with an insane 24-hour fever that left me cowering in a corner and shaking with a blanket on in an 80-degree room. It went through the entire family — and our neighbors — and various others we knew. It was interesting hearing the accounts of the illness because its trajectory was so specific and predictable. It was like a warm, fevered hug knowing that others were going through the same misery.

Then Sunday, a tickle started in the back of my throat and today I’m in full-on couch mode, just praying it’s short-lived and I’ll still kick ass at the half-marathon this weekend. Of course I’d get sick right before, right? Like, oh, you’ve trained for months on end for this? Let’s see if you can do it while hacking up a lung! #challenge

On the one hand, the kids have these two days off of school which means I don’t have to run around and get them places. On the other hand, they’re home all day, meaning they’re bored. Here are just a few of the thoughts I’ve had over these two illnesses.

22 Thoughts Moms Have When They’re Sick

1. TV for 4 hours never rotted anyone’s brain, right? RIGHT? *Googles*

2. Just get them breakfast.

3. Just get them lunch.

4. Just get them dinner.

5. Get your own snack.

6. Just keep them alive.

7. WHY????

8. TV for 6 hours never rotted anyone’s brain.

9. Of course the 2-year-old would choose to scoop butter spread out of the container today … with her hands.

10. Thank God at least one of them naps.

11. Nonverbal communication will just teach them to read my body language. *Shrugs*

12. TV for 8 hours never rotted anyone’s brain!

13. Thank God for Disney Junior.

14. Is it bedtime yet? *It’s noon.*

15. Of course they’ve already had this cold and are in full-recovery-all-the-energy mode as soon as I come down with it.

16. TV for 12 hours never rotted anyone’s brain. *Avoids the Google*

17. At least coffee is soothing to a sore throat.

18. Surely I’ll be better tomorrow.

19. Please don’t let my husband get sick.

20. It’s like having a sick child.

21. A half marathon is how many miles, exactly?

22. Surely I’ll be better by then.

What are some of the thoughts you deal with when you’re fighting an illness and still taking care of the kids?Erin

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