Your Guide to Eating for Energy

Who doesn’t want more energy? We know we do.

And while we all know that eating healthy helps us to feel better and fuels us to do the workouts and activities we love, did you know that some vitamins and minerals actually help to banish fatigue? True story! And we have this handy little infographic from Fix that breaks it all down into an easy to understand format. It’s pretty much a guide to eating for energy!

A Guide to Eating for Energy

Source: Fix.com Blog

It’s no secret that all of those eating-for-energy foods are all unprocessed, clean and totally naturally delicious, huh?

Which one is your fave? I pretty much put spinach in just about everything I eat (salads, smoothies, pasta), which seems to be a darn good thing!Jenn

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  1. Anna Becker says:

    Nice to know since I’m a pescetarian that I can get the nutrition I need to keep me energized. I try to eat a varied diet, but like most people tend to get into a rut. This infographic is great. It lays it out so well, I can pick and choose for a great meal or snack.

  2. Mariah says:

    It’s interesting. I’ve subsisted on a vegan diet for 32 years and only now as food degenerates am I needing vitamins as a supplement. These vital amines & minerals are only present in the food IF they are present in the soil or seas. So… as a precaution take out an insurance policy in a good supplement.