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Your Interactive Presidental Debate Workout


USA political partyYou’ve seen the drinking games. You know to expect the unexpected. The whole event may make you want to eat your feelings and swear off social media altogether (and we understand that). But instead of doing any of that unhealthy stuff, why not turn this final Presidential Debate into a workout?

The way this interactive debate workout works is simple. Either candidate does or says the below word (indicated by quotation marks) and you do the move associated with it. Do the workout for 15 minutes … 30 minutes … and hour or knock yourself out and go for the whole 90 minutes (although we really don’t recommend that unless you’re a superhero — some of these phrases might hit … big time).

Modify any of the moves as necessary, but we’ve made them all bodyweight so no equipment is necessary. Grab some friends and sweat it out while the two candidates duke it out.

debate workout


What move do you think we’ll be doing the most of? My money is on squats. Lots and lots of squats. And a fair amount of burpees … —Jenn

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