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Yoga 101: Simplifying Sun A

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Several years ago, long before becoming a yoga teacher and spending MANY weekend hours in training, I thought that the object of yoga was to make yourself look like the picture of the pose. If you could do that, then you could say you’d mastered the pose. Boy, was I wrong …

You see, yoga isn’t really about what your expression of the pose looks like and how closely it resembles the picture of the pose. Yoga is about the experience of being in the pose — something that can’t be gained or felt by simply comparing how your body looks in pose to someone else. As soon as I learned how to experience a pose, rather than force it to look “textbook,” my yoga practice (and life) began to change dramatically.

It’s time we stop looking at all the super bendy bodies expressing poses so beautifully and wondering if we’ll ever be able to make it look so pretty and effortless. It’s time to stop caring how it looks and start focusing on how it feels to be in our own skin.

The truth is that yoga is for everyone, not just for the super flexible or super strong. So we’ve decided to break it down and bring it to the masses in our Yoga 101 video series.

Simplifying Sun A

In this video, we’ll break down the most basic variation of Surya Namaskar A — or Sun Salutation A — into smaller, bite-sized pieces to help you find your flow.

This awesome sequence contains the elements of well-rounded asana practice — like strengthening, stretching, opening, forward bending, back bending, inversion and conscious breathing. Think of it as a way to move your body with your breath — a moving meditation.

This short but effective sequence is an awesome way to start the day. Or just pull it out of your back pocket anytime you’re practicing yoga at home but can’t figure out what to do once you get on your mat.

Want more valuable pose pointers? Check out our past Yoga 101 posts for Mastering Mountain PoseBreaking Down Downward-Facing Dog and Chaturanga Like A Champ. Pssst! All of these poses are part of Sun A so watching them will make Sun A even more of a breeze for you.

Get your flow on and try it out with us! —Alison

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