Brooks Running Stocking Stuffer Giveaway & Workout!

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It’s not every day that Brooks Running asks you to create a workout for them. And, it’s not every day that you get to spoil one lucky reader with a fantastic giveaway. But, guess what, guys? Today is that day!

As a Brooks Running ambassador, Kristen and I recently designed (and tested — believe us, it’s awesomely tough. We were sore from it the next day) a fab workout for runners. It’s full-body, it’s fun and you can do it using a TRX or just your bodyweight. Get it here and try it!

And now … for the giveaway! We have a whole stocking stuffer giveaway up for grabs for one lucky random U.S. reader courtesy of Brooks Running. And here’s what one happy runner will be winning:

  • Joyride Running Headband ($28): When you need a little extra warmth but don’t want a full-coverage hat, the Joyride Headband is the perfect compromise. Made of super soft merino wool and polyester, it offers just-right blend of warmth, breathability and coverage.
  • Drift Running Gloves ($50): A tech-tipped thumb and index finger keep your touch-screen in play at all times, and when you need a little more protection against the elements, flip over the windproof mitt cover for added warmth. Plus, reflective detail helps you stay visible in low light.
  • Fanatic Calf Sleeve ($30): Run Happy in Brooks’ signature Fanatic calf sleeve. Made from Dri-Layer Crush fabric, they provide ideal compression for training and recovery. Plus they feature a mesh panel at the upper calf to help keep you ventilated.

Heck of a prize pack, huh? To enter to win, all you need to do is leave a comment with what makes you run happy. It can be the weather, new gear, your running buddies … anything that gets you out there and running and loving it! We’ll pick a winner on Monday and announce him/her in the comments and directly via email. And, if you want a bonus entry, tell someone else about this giveaway (via email, text, social media, whatevs) and leave a second entry with who you told. The more the merrier we say!

Good luck to all! And to all a good run! —Jenn


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  1. Running outside, even on the coldest day or darkest night. There’s just something about it that makes me so happy to be running.

  2. My dogs make me run happy. Their excitement for the run makes me so excited to go out and explore the world with them!

  3. Maintaining my running streak has kept me run happy through a stressful work year-end. I’m actually looking forward to running through some crazy winter weather!

  4. What makes me run happy is the running community. We have an amazing running community here in Winston Salem that supports each other. Through programs at the local Fleet Feet Sports I’ve seen the continued growth of those out being active and that makes me happy.

  5. Because running is not just for Fitness but for fun and enjoyment as well….. Being happy and looking great in new apparel is always nice too! 🙂

  6. I love running because…

    IT LIBERATES MY SOUL!! Lol okay maybe not to that extent, but it is truly a release for my mind and body. Coping with stress has been a struggle for the last few years, and I thankfully found a healthy way to channel it- running!

    I also love my pancakes and cheesecake… any cake in general. 🙂

  7. I love to run, especially in the snow! It’s so refreshing and invigorating! Helps clear my head, and I come back refreshed and happy!

  8. Nothing like a good run after being in an office all day. De-stresses me. I love the fresh air and sunshine.

  9. Running makes me happy because it gives me a chance to get outside, escape, and not worry about anything but the next step. Since I’ve moved to Denver I’ve fallen even more in love with running because around every corner is a new beautiful scenery, especially when it snows!! But because of the snow, and the cold in general, it gets harder to get outside and get moving, I’m constantly looking for more warm and cute gear and these stocking stuffers would be the perfect addition to my collection!!

  10. Girl talk!

    For me running buddies make all the difference and definitely having friends there to chat, push each other and keep the motivation high makes me RUN HAPPY! 🙂

  11. Finally realizing that after a year of consistent running and training that I *might* be a runner! I never thought about myself in that way but its liberating and exciting. Looking forward to that next goal, race or run makes me happy!

  12. Being outside in the sunshine running make me happy! Sometimes by myself, sometimes with my running buddies! Just having the ability to run…. makes me happy & grateful!

  13. Running with my wife with our two Australian shepherds, we love to do some trail running to enjoy the outdoors and our time together

  14. I love running with my daughter outside. I can walk on my treadmill, just doesn’t feel right to run on it.

  15. I love running outside with a buddy on a chilly but sunny day and then enjoying a relaxed walk and conversation after the run for a cool down. Finishing the run makes me happy to feel good and accomplished!!

  16. Hello, I love running in the early morning when I have it all to myself. Put on my music and hit the pavement. It’s a great feeling!

  17. Every run is HAPPY!!!!! Friends, trails, nature, and the streets are all made a bit happier wherever I’m running…….

  18. It feels amazing to run and feel the wind and fresh outside air, I love that satisfying feeling after a long run, like accomplishing something really big or important.

  19. I run happy because I am looking forward to the after-run-banana-almond-cocoa-smoothie I mix every time I come back home…so delicious!

  20. What makes me run happy…great music and time to myself which is especially useful during this hectic season.

  21. My dog! When he starts whining, it’s time to go run. When he’s not whining, I’m happy and we both get our bodies moving.

  22. Working my way back from an injury and running pain-free makes me run happy. It makes me grateful and happy just to be able to do it–slow or fast, indoors or out, rain or shine. No pain and healthier, definitely makes me run happy.

  23. Feeling the sun on my face makes me run happy! Especially in the very few hours of sunlight we have this time of year! Just a taste of summer when the sun is out on my runs!

  24. I run happy with my friends. I have my 2nd half marathon coming up and it’s the first race in months that I’ve done solo so I’m kinda nervous. I’m gonna wear a shirt from one of our team races and other things that remind me of them cheering me on.

  25. Weather and comfy clothes are a MUST for a happy run. No stiff head winds, or tights that fall down please.

  26. Just getting out there and running makes me happy. Sometimes when I am stressed out or feeling down I go out for even a short run to help raise my spirits and help me through whatever I am dealing with. Running just makes it all better!

  27. The sun really makes me run happy. I prefer to run on cloudy days for temperature reasons, but I am never happier than when the sky has no clouds and the sun is high and golden (or just coming up at dawn….). It just makes me feel so much better to run in the sun!

  28. Having the opportunity to go outside and enjoy the fresh air after being cooped up at my desk all day makes me run happy!

  29. Lots of things make me run happy…new sneakers are nice, but a sunny day will do the trick too. It’s also fun to feel like I’m tough when I bundle up for cold winter runs!

  30. Getting out and pounding the pavement with my pup makes me run happy! I love having an enthusiastic 4-legged running buddy!

  31. I love when the weather is nice and I can run outside! So much better than being stuck inside on the treadmill!