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How I Got My Ab and a Half Back


Most of the time, my healthy habits look pretty darn good. I fill my cart (and my plate) with lots of fresh veggies and fruits, I get sweaty on a very regular basis (even on a relaxing vacay!), and I rarely have a problem setting aside a few minutes each day to meditate, reflect on my day, or just allow myself to relax.

Or, at least, I always think my healthy habits look good. But, like all of you reading this (I assume, unless we have some really intelligent dogs out there), I’m human, and occasionally things veer a little off track, and by the time I notice … well, I guess that if buttoning my jeans begins to feel like a workout in and of itself, I’ve probably let things slide for a little too long.

While this sort of thing used to throw me into a tizzy, now, being ever so much older and wiser, I just take it as part of the ebb and flow of a healthy lifestyle. I take it as a sign that it’s time to tighten up my daily eats … and, ideally, my abs. At best, you see, I have 1.5 abs visible — and when they go into hiding, it’s time to up my game. And that’s totally fine, except, you know that “older” part I mentioned above? Each year, it becomes a bit more difficult to get back to where I was.

But it’s not impossible — especially when I’ve got some seriously great help.

A couple of months ago, I took part in the 10 in 4 Challenge with our pal Dave Smith. Jenn and I had been talking with him about bringing a weight loss program infused with self love to our readers (which is happening and kicking off January 9 — you can register today and we could NOT be more excited!), but first, we wanted to check it out.

Because I already ate pretty well and didn’t have a problem getting in regular workouts, I wasn’t sure I’d see any big differences. Don’t get me wrong — I was excited to see whether I’d lose a couple of pounds or feel my energy increase! But I wasn’t too focused on those things — mostly, I just wanted to follow along with the program so I’d have the experience and be able to be more helpful when we began offering it to our readers.

Imagine my surprise when, on my first visit to the scale after Week 1, I was down two pounds. And then proceeded to lose another three pounds throughout the four weeks!

Getting my ab and a half back was cool, for sure, but I got some things out of it that I actually hold far more dear — a refresher on what truly healthy eats look like, a community of like-minded, health-focused people who are all on a mission to feel healthier and more awesome, and accountability. Even though my four weeks has long since ended, I still find myself adhering to many of the principles we used in 10 in 4, and it. feels. GREAT.

Want to get in this weight loss with self love program? Registration is now open for the 10 in 4 Challenge — our online weight-loss and health coaching program — and we’ll kick things off on January 9. I really, truly hope to see you there. Let’s make 2017 our healthiest year yet — together! Kristen

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